Tinder Wants To Make It Easier For You To Match With Celebrities

Tinder, the black hole of dating websites and the biggest self-esteem boost since your high school frenemy gained 15 pounds, is launching a “verification service” for celebrities using the app. Basically, its the Twitter blue checkmark but for celebrities who want to “watch Netflix and chill” with non-celebrities.

So instead of wondering if you've matched with Dave Franco or some creep who lives in his mom's basement, Tinder will tell you if it's actually someone famous. I'm not totally sure what celebrities need help hooking up with randos. Like even if they're tragically ugly, people would still do it just for the story. Maybe this is for celebrities looking for ~ serious ~ relationships. It's kind of like Millionaire Matchmaker combined with a whole new level of desperation. Regardless, the stories from this are going to be amazing.


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