TIME Ranked The 100 Most Important People In History And There Were Only Three Women

Back in December 2013, TIME Magazine posted a piece on their website ranking the 100 most significant figures in history, which is now getting a bunch of attention again. They used some specialized algorithm (I still don’t know what that word means), which automatically ranked people based on how much they’re mentioned in books and online and like a shitload of other things. Homeboy Jesus comes out on top, and a lot of the top 100 aren’t surprising at all. The one thing that’s kind of crazy is that there are only three women in the top 100.

13. Elizabeth I of England


16. Queen Victoria

95. Joan of Arc

Yeah that’s right, between 16 and 95 it’s basically a historical sausagefest. Why is this? Well they tried to explain it a little bit by saying the nature of the algorithm automatically skews against women because before the last few hundred years there weren’t nearly as many influential women. That’s understandable, but HOW ARE THERE ONLY THREE. It seems like if you put the algorithm in and realized there were only three women out of 100, you could maybe, like, I don't know, change the fucking algorithm??? Or do literally anything to not make the list seem blatantly sexist? Like, where’s Mother Teresa? Where’s Eleanor Roosevelt? Or Harriet Tubman? Please get your shit together and stop acting like women have done nothing for history.


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