Throwback Thursday: The Top 10 Betchiest Movie Scenes

10. Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion

Scene: Besides demonstrating the importance of not branching out, this movie summed up how we feel about math.


9. Holiday in The Sun

Scene: Megan Fox wants Jordan… and is a terrible fucking actress.

Umm excuse me. My name is Briana Wallace, as in the Wallace Department store Wallaces.


8. White Chicks

Scene: The white chicks do some over reacting.

I want to speak to your supervisor. Better yet, I’m going to write a letter!


7. The Devil Wears Prada

Scene: Everyone at Runway thinks Ban Hathaway is a joke

Who is that sad, little person? Are we doing a before and after piece I don’t know about?


6. Clueless

Scene: Cher solves world issues

Helloooo. It was his 50th birthday.


5. Miss Congeniality

Scene: Gracie Lou saves the day, nice girl Cheryl cries, and William Shatner is fucking hilarious.

She’s beauty and she’s grace. She’s queen of 50 states. She’s Miss United States.



4. The Hot Chick

Scene: Jessica tells April she’s turned into a man, and reminds her not to be a fat ass.

“What did I tell you about these things? They’ll go strait to your ass!”


3. Legally Blonde

Scene: Liposuction

I know, I’m a fraud! It’s not like normal women can have this ass!


2. Knocked Up

Scene: You’re a doorman, doorman

You old, she pregnant. Can’t have a bunch of old, pregnant bitches running around.


1. Mean Girls

Scene: Jingle Bell Rock

Does it bother you that they still use your original choreography?


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