Throwback Thursday: Pop-Punk

Nothing says high school quite like jams made famous by Warped Tour frequenting artists of the mid-2000’s.  Some might have called this music emo, but if it played on the radio, I’m pretty sure the correct term is “pop-punk” (Seriously don’t correct me on this though because I honestly don’t give a shit what the right term is.)

While waiting for your phone to actually receive texts with your spotty 2005 service, you could probably be found, lying on your bedroom floor with your iPod blasting Fall Out Boy, Paramore, Panic! At The Disco, All Time Low, Jimmy Eat World, The All American Rejects and Blink-182.

If you were feeling even more emotional after an especially touching episode of The O.C. or Laguna Beach, it was Dashboard Confessional or Red Jumpsuit Apparatus coming through those little white earbuds.

These jams were mainstays in your MySpace profile music player, the anthem for your relationship between you and your top friend.

Though it been literally a decade since these groups dominated your iTunes most played list, the feelings they spark are totally real. I think I legit almost started crying thinking about how optimistic and un-jaded I used to be about love when “Hold My Hand” by New Found Glory came up on Pandora the other day.

And if the chorus of  “Ocean Avenue” doesn't make you want to walk away from your life and spend all your time skateboarding near a beach in California, I don't even know how to be friends with you.

So on this Throwback Thursday I will continue to walk a lonely road and write sins, not tragedies because nobody likes you when you're 23. Here's to you pop-punk.


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