Which 'Thoroughbreds' Character Are You, Lily Or Amanda?

The world isn’t just full of Carries and Samanthas. There are also the terrifying Lilys and Amandas of the world (from the new movie Thoroughbreds) that will either mercilessly fake emotion to fit in or commit emotionally driven murder. Cue the soundtrack for one of the most haunting, understated, and like, kinda sexy teen thriller dramas of modern day. It’s like if everyone in Pretty Little Liars was as rich as Gossip Girl, with the casual psychosis of Heathers.

The two main characters are Amanda, who according to herself “feels nothing,” and Lily, who according to the movie trailer “feels everything.” They were childhood friends, which in movie world means they’re either complete opposites or exactly the same. Weirdly in this movie, they’re kind of both. But which one are you?

How You Act After A Breakup

Let’s talk about Amanda. She doesn’t feel anything or care about anyone. But anyone who’s ever said “I don’t care” while excessively stalking an ex’s Instagram knows the more you have to tell people you don’t care, the more you actually care. If you handle breakups by shutting out your emotions and acting like an ice queen, you’re probably an Amanda. You’ve learned early on in life that it’s easier to let people think you don’t feel anything than to have them find out you care about them. When you go through a breakup, you end up working out more, staying at the office later, and becoming more productive in general. Everything you do is motivated by reason, because you know it’s the only way you can get through anything.

Meanwhile, if you get dumped and immediately call your girlfriends crying, you’re a Lily. You make everything about you all the time, even when it’s not. If your friend’s grandma dies, you’ll start crying for her and tell her how it reminds you of how your dog died when you were 13 and you never got over it. Then you’ll post a nauseatingly long Facebook tribute to this woman whom you only met once but who was “such an inspiration” (yeah right). On the outside people see you as a compassionate and emotional creature, but the truth is you’re just as capable of heartless acts as any of your friends. While the Amandas of this world will cover up their heartbreak and pretend to move on, you will seek revenge on anyone who breaks your heart.

How You Act In Your Friend Group

Amanda says “I don’t feel anything. It doesn’t mean I’m not a good person, it just means I have to work a little harder at it.” Which mean she’s actually a good person, because a bad person wouldn’t feel the need to work so hard at it. A bad person would just enjoy being bad. You’re the one in your friend group who always does what needs to be done, whether it’s playing the cock block because your friend doesn’t know how to reject a guy, or telling Karen she’s no longer allowed to wear flats because it ruins group pictures. Basically you’re a good friend, even though you act like you DGAF sometimes.

On the other hand, if you’re the kind of friend that always plays the hero, you’re a Lily. If you hear something bad about a friend, you don’t always tell her because you don’t want to be the bearer of bad news. You’ll tell your friends you’re doing something for their own good, when you really mean for your own good. That being said, you’re not a bad friend because when you want to, you can really control the people around you. Think Blair Waldorf, who’s always causing drama because she can’t control her emotions. Ultimately, she’s just as bad as anyone else, but she’ll come through for her closest friends when they really need her.

How You Act At Work

As creepy as people may think Amanda types are, Amanda gets shit done. She’s a smart and capable betch, and she just doesn’t have time for bullshit. If you know you’re good at your job and you aren’t afraid to barge into your boss’ office when you know you deserve a raise, then you’re an Amanda.

If you’re constantly jumping around from one job to another because you’re following your “gut feeling” about what you want to do, you might be a Lily. You’re smart enough to interview and get the dream job, like she was able to get into a prestigious school. But once you’re there, you’re so bored you just bullshit your way through the workday.

So let’s recap. Amanda is actually a thoughtful person who just doesn’t want anyone to find out how much she cares. That means you’re the first one in relationships to think “I love you,” but you never say it because you’ve always known you thought it first and it’d be humiliating to let him know. Therefore every guy you’ve ever dated thinks you’re pretty chill. Lily, however, will post “I love my bae” photos while only saying it in person for a picture perfect moment, not because she really thinks it. The guys you date will think you’re sweet girlfriend material, but you’re actually only in it for the likes.

So there you have it, Amanda and Lily have personalities that are as opposite on the inside as they are on the outside. Now that you know if you’re an Amanda or a Lily, watch Thoroughbreds out this weekend and let us know if we got it right.

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