This Week’s Twitter Battle: Iggy Vs. Comic Book Nerds

Iggy Azalea, no one's favorite rapper but everyone's favorite Wayans brother, took time out of her busy schedule of not touring and talking about her nose job to get into yet another Twitter spat. Honestly, thank God for Twitter and famous people who can't keep their mouths shut.

Her most recent nemesis? SuperheroFeed, the self-proclaimed authority of news on “comic books, movies, TV shows and all things #HYPE,” who compared her music to “The Last Airbender,” a movie so shitty that it's own fans frequently pretend it was never made. Does this sound like an insult crafted by a 12 year old boy? Pretty much yeah. But maybe being taken down by the worlds leading #HYPE source was just the final fucking straw for our dearest Igloo.

Iggy's mentions must be scarce these days, because she came at SuperheroFeed with more direct anger than she ever wasted on Azaelia Banks. Anytime someone has to resort to boners to get their insults across, you know it's bound to be a good show.

SuperoFeed retaliated with a dig at Iggy not writing her own music, leading me to believe that Meek Mill is their social media intern.

Winner: SuperheroFeed gets points for managing to bait one of the most disliked artists on the planet with a seemingly innocuous movie comparison, but I'm still not over the #HYPE thing so let's just call it a tie.


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