This is the End: Betches Love This Movie

So this week we saw This is The End and not surprisingly we actually loved it. With enough A list comedians to make the Vietnam War seem funny, cameos by Rihanna and the Backstreet boys, and the vast array of drugs and partying, this movie was right up our alley.

Not that the movie wasn’t entirely too long, the basic concept behind the film was creating a situation in which six people who are hilarious are forced to be in the same room for a while. Enter This is the End with a plot so ridiculous that it makes The Puppy Who Lost His Way seem like a fucking Hemingway novel. We let this fact slide because the dialogue was on par with a Louis C.K. monologue.

Our favorite parts included James Franco’s self aware douchiness and homoerotic relationship with Seth Rogen, the Michael Cera-is-a-cokehead plot line, and the fact that Craig Robinson felt the need to carry around a Mr. Robinson towel on his shoulder for the entire movie for no reason whatsoever. Also, Jonah Hill running around like a zombie was reminiscent of his cute cuddly kittens Funny People YouTube video despite the ‘large’ disparity between the two films.

After watching the movie we were left with some perplexing questions. Does Danny McBride know how to play anyone but Kenny Powers? Is it necessary for Emma Watson to be annoying as fuck like, all the time? How did James Franco have such a large array of fancy t-shirts to wear despite the apparent apocalypse going on around him?

Nonetheless, it was refreshing to see an actually funny movie, as it’s definitely been a while. Until the next shitty movie where they cram two dozen famous people in or the predictable abomination that will be Pineapple Express 2, we’ll seal our love for this movie with a few of our favorite quotes.

Craig Robinson (to Aziz Ansari): It's too late for you you're already in the hole!

Jay: Can we please go to fucking Carl's Jr.?
Seth Rogen: Uh. I'm on a cleanse.
Jay: So, you're not drinking, you're not smoking weed?
Seth Rogen: I'm on a cleanse, I'm not psychotic.

Danny McBride: Seth, that's a better performance than you've given in your last six movies. Where the fuck was that in Green Hornet, huh?!

Jay: The power of Christ compels you!
Jonah Hill: Does it Jay?
Jay: The power of Christ compels you!
Jonah Hill: Does it jay?
Jay: The power of Christ compels you!
Jonah Hill: Does it Jay? Do I look compelled Jay? Let me tell you, its not very compelling!
Seth Rogen: What are you just quoting the Exorcist
Jay: Yes dude, it was a fucking training manual! I'm pretty sure they did their fucking research!


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