This Is How We Feel About Miley: The Movement

If you're wondering where the Miley kool aid is, you're not going to find it, because I fucking drank it all.

I turned on my DVR this morning expecting to laugh my ass off at the absurdity that will inevitably come out of Miley's mouth regarding shaking her bony ass into a camera… aka her “movement.” Instead the hour ended in my googling “Bangerz release date.” I hate myself for saying this but I get it, she's just being Miley, and I fucking love it.

Granted there were some epic moments of hilarity during the documentary. Top three faves:

3. Miley on her movement, “It's not a transition, it's a movement. It's a growth, it's a change.” … So like, a transition?

2. Miley on her producer Mike Will, “I love his beats and no pop chicks are ever mess in wit him like that.” Swear for a sec I thought I was watching 8 Mile.

1. When she was On Air with Ryan Seacrest, a fan called in…

… Instead of “sign” I totally thought she said “gun”

Miley has somehow figured it out. She put out small documentary defending her evolution into what people are calling “a ratchet bitch” but in Miley's vision that means this generation's pop princess. She wants to be to young girls what Britney was to her. And not only has accomplished that, but Brit's featured on her new album.

Ugh I know, this is like one big fucking endorsement for Miley Cyrus but I'm over it. It's happening. I'm not saying I support her choice of Tupac inspired outfits, jewlery, or grillz, but I'm totally content with her being the hot mess that she is as long as she doesn't turn to crack or like, have kids with her fat backup dancer.


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