This Dancing Girl On Instagram Is A Mood

No matter how cynical you are, you’d have to be a sociopath not to have a soft spot for adorable children on the internet. I’m not talking about photos of random babies, because honestly not all babies are that cute. I’m talking about talented, adorable kids who love being on camera and are going viral. The latest viral sensation under five feet tall is Ivanah, a 6-year-old girl from South Africa who just loves to dance. Ugh, so pure. So adorable.

Ivanah just started her social media accounts last month, and she already has 40,000 fans on Facebook, over 100,000 followers on Instagram. How?? Considering it took me six years to get to 1000 followers on Instagram, I’m honestly offended. Her aunt runs her account, and she’s doing a fabulous job, not that Ivanah needs much help. (Side bar: can I commission her aunt to run my Instagram too?) Here’s an example of the truly joyful content that Ivanah is putting out there:

I mean, how can you not love that? Aside from gaining tens of thousands of followers in just a few weeks, Ivanah has also impressed lots of famous people. One of Ivanah’s most recent videos shows her getting down to Lizzo’s “Juice,” (which like, same), and Lizzo reposted the video on her Twitter page:

Honestly, in 2019 there’s no bigger stamp of approval than from the queen Lizzo herself. She’s been on top of the game this year, so little Ivanah should feel very honored.

After Lizzo posted the video, Chris Evans (the best famous Chris, don’t @ me) was also obsessed with Ivanah.

I mean, when Captain America says you’re cooler than him, you know you’ve made it. I think what makes Ivanah so perfect is that 1) she’s adorable, and 2) she’s young enough that it doesn’t feel like she’s trying too hard. She’s just a little girl who f*cking loves dancing, so it’s not like she’s trying to be on Dance Moms or something. But also if Ivanah was on Dance Moms, I’d probably start watching again…just saying.

In addition to Lizzo and Chris Evans, Jada Pinkett Smith posted a video of Ivanah on Instagram, saying that “this girl has life figured out.”

Will Smith also reposted this one, so I guess she’s doing okay. Head to Ivanah’s profile and smash that follow button, because it’ll probably make you a happier person.

Images: Ivanah.dancer (2), jadapinkettsmith / Instagram; lizzo, chrisevans / Twitter

Dylan Hafer
Dylan Hafer
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