Thirsty Dudes Use Linkedin Like It’s Tinder

As any betch knows, there are many, many apps that you can use to try and get a date. There's Tinder for the masses, and Hinge and Bumble for the elite online daters. There's also OK Cupid and if you're old and weird.

One website that is not for hitting on women, however, is Linkedin. Unfortunately for Charlotte Proudman a barrister in human rights law at the Chambers of Michael Mansfield QC, not all of her connections got that memo. Proudman, who ironically specializes in violence against women and girls, was casually cruising her Linkedin, swiping right on hot job opportunities, when she got a message from a man named Alexander Carter-Silk, some wannabe Pro from London, who told her “I know this is probably horrendously politically incorrect but that is a stunning picture. You definitely win the prize for best Linkedin picture I have ever seen.”

Well, at least he knows it was “politically incorrect.” Right?

Well Proudman was having none of it and called him out for being a creeper and then, for good measure, posted a screenshot to her twitter where it went viral, which is 100% what you get when you try to use a professional website where people upload their resumes and apply for jobs to try and troll for pussy.

Now you might be asking — okay so one weird freak tried to use Linkedin for dating why the fuck are you writing this? Which is fair, but after Proudman posted her pic—TONS OF WOMEN CAME OUT SAYING THAT THEY HAVE EXPERIENCED THE SAME THING.

Now, I don't use Linkedin because idgaf about it, but the idea of some thirsty dude trying to lure me in with the prospect of an internship and then bait-and-switching the whole thing for a date is one of the grosser things I've heard in my life.

For what its worth, Carter-Silk responded by saying he was merely commenting on the “professionalism” of Proudman's photo to which I think I speak for everyone when I say “lol.”

So dudes, I can't believe I have to say this, but don't use fucking Linkedin to try and get a date. There are free services all over the net where men are allowed to say terrifying, disgusting things to women with impunity. Sign up for one of those. Or get Grindr and start hooking up with each other. Do us all a favor. Ugh.