Things Are All Good Between Zayn and Louis Again

Five British dudes were on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” Thursday night. Spoiler alert, Zayn Malik wasn’t one of them. Also, James Corden is totes British, I’m pretty sure.

Anyway, the remaining members of One Direction were doing an interview and of course Zayn casually came up in conversation. Corden had to ask Louis about his super lame twitter spat with his former bandmate. Louis and his cheekbones were super chill about the whole thing. He said he has a hard time holding his tongue and things are all good between him and Zayn again.

Liam went on to say they saw Zayn’s decision to leave coming, then Niall says some stuff about how the remaining four members never considered dismantling the band, thank god.

Corden basically ends the interview inviting himself to be in 1D, to which Harry was like: hahahahahaha, fuck no.  

Here, watch for yourself:



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