Is Thigh Gap the New Skinny Arm?

According to this article in USA Today, adolescents across the nation are developing eating disorders and starving themselves in an attempt to obtain what appears to be the new skinny arm: thigh gap.

Thigh Gap is when your thighs are so thin that they don't touch even when your feet are together. But being just thin isn't enough, you also have to have wide hips. So hot! Call me old fashioned when it comes to body image but if Heidi Montag didn't have surgery on it, I have a hard time believing it's a body part of importance. Also, does any guy ever give a shit about how wide the gap between your thighs is so long as he can fit a penis between them?  Really, teen girls. Just when we thought collar bone was the new skinny arm the world of fashion flips things on its heads and gives us 'thigh gap”. Inner thigh shots anyone? 


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