These Spring Break Bikinis Are On Fleek

Bikini looks can change from day to day. One day you’re channeling boho chic Behati and the next you’re all about sun goddess Shay. It’s already March and since all those 2015 New Years resolutions are going so well and you got your credit card line increased, spring break 2015 is going to be perfect. Whether you’re showing off your bikini bod in Miami and Cabo or heading the Caribbean because you’re like a real adult now, these are the bikini trends that will let everyone else know that you’re the betch doing this vacationing thing best.

Make a Splash

Spring style might be all about nude colors and minimalism, but swimwear is the place to let loose with loud colors and patterns. A lady in the street and the freak at the beach. So, throw on the X-Pro II filter or boost the brightness without ruining your tan with this fun pop of color, like Shay in Issa de’ mar or Gigi in Seafolly.

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Baby Got Back

It is undeniable that butts are the new thing and going into spring it only seems like this will be amplified. This look will totally make you look like one of those rap guy’s girlfriends.

Channel Chrissy in a Planet Blue’s MIKOH extra skimpy bikini bottom or Beach Riot’s scrunch back bikini.


A LBB, little black bikini, is as much a wardrobe staple as a LBD. My motto is: if you have it in black, I’ll take it. But this summer it’s time to add an edge to the classic look. Yeah, some of these styles might fuck up your tan line, but no one said being hot was going to be easy. You can mix it up with retro-inspired graphics, unusual ties like Behati, or a sexy high slit one piece.

High Waisted Hottie or Vintage?! So adorable.

Proceed with caution, I repeat PROCEED with caution. This is the toughest swimsuit to pull off without looking like you belong in a retirement home. Taylor Swift finally showed her belly button this year, but that doesn’t mean her reign of terror on the bathing suit industry is over. It also doesn’t mean that you have to wear Swifty’s signature look in her geriatric style. Wear a high-waisted bathing suit that brings a little sex appeal. You’ll be the Jane Fonda of whatever beach party you’re at.

Similar looks here: Victoria’s Secret mesh pattern or a black high waisted bikini.


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