These Eyeshadow Palettes Will Give You The Betchiest Smokey Eyes Ever

The science behind the perfect smokey eye is not to be taken lightly. Yes, the goal is to make it look like you may or may not have slept in this exact eyeshadow, but it actually takes a lot of calculated moves on your part. And although a betch loves to collect makeup, having to sort through approximately 3,497 eyeshadows so you look super unapproachable can be a daunting task. That's where eyeshadow palettes become actual life savers. I've rounded up three of the best on the market right now that will help you achieve the betchiest smokey eye in no time flat.

Urban Decay: Naked Smoky

Sephora | $54.00 

Urban Decay basically owns the eyeshadow palette department. UD’s eyeshadows are known for their velvety, rich color and the ones in Naked Smoky are no exception. The palette comes with a double sided brush (actually works), and is packaged in a gorge gun metal finish.

How to use:
Grab a tapered crease brush (if you don’t have one, shame on you, but also no worries bc this palette comes with one) and dip into the the neutral taupe shade, “Combust”. Apply “Whiskey” into the crease to start contour your eye shape. Line your top and lower lash line with a black liner and smudge it the fuck out. Apply “Radar”, a super betchy bronze, on the center of the lid and drag it under the lower line to smoke everything out. Finish it off by highlighting under your brow bone and the inner corner of your eyes with “Thirteen.”

Guerlain: Ecrin 6 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette in Color 93

Sephora | $93.00


This palette is absolutely stunning and every time you take it out in front of your friends and enemies, they will be struck with jealousy. Guerlain claims that the shades are universally flattering for all eye colors and shapes. Sort of true, but only if you're already pretty (no offense).

How to use:
Swipe the lightest beige shade (at the top) all over your lid. Define your crease with the other light beige color. Then add plum brown in your crease and blend obsessively. Drag that same plum brown color below your bottom lash line and blend the fuck out of it. To make use of that eggplant color, add it in the “outer v” shape of your eyes and keep blending it out with that second light beige color until it looks seamless. Line your eyes with the soft black color (tip: wet your brush first for precise application).

Bobbi Brown: Telluride Eye Palette

Sephora | $52.00 

Bobbi always knows whats up when it comes to shadow palettes. This sleek, black one houses 7 shades, all in warm and rich hues. I would sacrifice my first born child for it, it's so special.

How to use:
Sweep “Cream” (the lightest on the far left) from your upper lash line to your brow bone. Use “Antique Rose” to build out the base on your lid further. Apply “Heather Rose” on the outer corner of your eye to create a gradient. Line top and bottom lashes with “Smokey Brown” and highlight the inner corners of your eyes with “Blazing Star.”




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