There's More To Life Than Netflix: Your Weekend Horoscopes March 9-11

With warmer temperatures right around the corner, there’s no reason you can’t pregame spring . You’ve been a sweater-weather bore-whore for long enough. Time to go out.  This weekend, turn off Queer Eye and go out and work it for yourself. Here’s your weekend horoscope March 9 – 11.


Venus in your attractor zone and Pluto in your work house means this is the weekend to make your MF move (*snaps in a z-formation*). Slide into that DM of that guy you’ve been window tapping on Insta. Tell your boss you deserve a raise and you’ll give her the weekend to think about it. The world is your oyster.


As a Taurus betch, you’re kind of a stickler for rules. Hey, it’s not a crime to like life to have some order. The problem with that is following the rules is no fun. When someone invites you along to get into some trouble this weekend, you should go. We promise you won’t get in that much trouble. Maybe.


Typical of the split-personality Gemini, your sexy side comes out this weekend, but before you grab just anyone for a roll in the sheets, you want to be intellectually stimulated. It’s all about that mind-body connection with someone. Don’t settle for a movie date. You need an activity to get the banter flowing before your juices do. OMG phrasing. I just threw up in my mouth. Sorry about that.


Venus is in your house of status, meaning your star is rising this weekend. Pluto pulling on your relationship zone, though, means others might be jealous of the attention you’re getting—especially if they’re used to being your main focus. Don’t text back to jealous friends or lovers who are trying to shade your shine.


You have a lot of pride in your ability to always know the answer. This week, you won’t be the expert on something, and you need to be okay with that. No one wants to be friends with the girl who talks over and corrects the wine tasting instructor/sommelier person. Practice not being the know-it-all this weekend, k?


You’re straightforward about what you’re after, usually. But somewhere along the way, your intentions got misinterpreted. This weekend, you’ll realize you can’t be on the fence about what you want anymore. You need to make those intentions clear with yourself and with others. Like, tell that back burner bro that his attempts at a connection are great, but you really just want him for his body.


It always falls on you to organize the group plans. With Venus in your partnership zone and Pluto in your relationship realm, it’s likely that someone will give you some pushback with your choices. How about if you don’t like it, you plan it? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Stand up to these Jagged Edge asses, because you know where the party’s at and people always have a good time when you’re in charge.


You have the gift of gab. Even if you keep your personal info on the DL, your opinions about the little things can have a big influence on others. Choose your low-key powerful words wisely this weekend because shit you say could come back to haunt you. Like, Lyndsey won’t ever let you forget you said mojitos were overrated one time and now you can’t order one all summer. Fuck you, Lyndsey.


Getting that paper is a big motivator for you. Even when you’re not working, you’re thinking about what you have to do when you are working. It’s fine to be on that grind. It’s not fine to let it distract you from everything else. Seriously. Just sign out of the work email or turn off the phone for two hours or some shit. Baby steps. Your adrenal system will thank you for the break from the stress this weekend.


You’ve been on cruise control for a while now. That’s fine. No one is that motivated during the winter, are they? An event, invitation, or offhand comment this weekend will remind you to get your ass back in gear. Whether it’s hitting the gym, organizing your finances, or actually writing that fucking paper, this is a good weekend for a jump start.


It’s all about owning your own power this weekend. Aren’t you, like, residually inspired from International Women’s Day? If you’re not feeling like Beyoncé, make a vision board, take a million selfies, do whatever you need to do get put the “Yasssss!” back in your step this weekend. Visualize and then fake it til you make it.


This weekend is not the weekend to hang in the shadows. With the charm Venus blesses you with and the Sun still in your sign, it’s best that you network the shit out of your activities. You don’t have to be pushy or talk about work. Ew. No. Instead, just be your charming self and remember the important friends you made this weekend when you need a favor during the work week.

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