There’s An App That Gives You Tinder Pickup Lines

Have you even run out of things to say on Tinder? That’s usually a sign that you probably shouldn’t be talking to that person in the first place. But not for everyone.  Apparently there’s an app called Flints that will feed you pickup lines (which they call “chatup lines”) to use on Tinder and Happn. Needless to say we’re going to guess the majority of their demographic is male and into wearing cargo shorts.

There’s nothing worse than a pickup artist, as if the word “artist” wasn’t indicator enough, but now they’re invading our online apps with lines like “You look like trouble ;)” and “Sh… I’m Batman, don’t tell anyone.”

The app description says: “You’ve swiped right. You’ve got a match. Now what? In an endless sea of “Hey” and “How’s it going” you need to stand out from the crowd. We can help.”  If you can’t start a conversation and keep it going without reading off a computer screen, you’ve got bigger problems than standing out.

We were curious what kind of lines this app had to offer, so we downloaded it.  Even the app itself is designed to look like Tinder, you can swipe left and right on various pickup lines, which they call “sparks”.

Here are a few of their many many lines:

We matched! What were your other two wishes?
I’m currently taking applications for the position of little spoon. Care to apply?
Do you like pina coladas? (if they say yes you say) How about getting caught in the rain?
So on the scale of 1 to people who clap when the plane lands, how annoying are you?

Tinder is already making it easier than ever to meet people. Oh, I’m sorry, did we say meet? We meant hook up. Now there’s an app to do the talking for you too? That’s just lazy.  Betches, if a bro uses a line on you, call him out on it.  There’s no app that tells you what to do in a relationship, so he better get used to it.


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