There’s A New Princess Diaries Book

Throwback to before Anne Hathaway graced movie screens and we had the Princess Diaries book series. Unlike The Clique Books and The Gossip Girl Series, The Princess Diaries was about a nice girl who liked to write in her journal, but turns out she's a fucking princess of Genovia – casual. We didn't give a fuck that she was a super obnoxious character who whined about being in love with her friend's brother for five books. It kept our dream alive that we too could be plucked from sophomore year history and taken to a palace. Mia also taught us the importance of a well-timed pop culture reference and validated our love of sarcasm.

“You're not a $100 bill. Not everyone is going to like you.”

Anyway, Meg Cabot – the messiah of young adult semi-fantasy literature – has written two more installments to the PD series. The first is a book for middle schoolers about Mia's half-siblings – spoiler alert: her asshole dad had other kids. The second book is for adults (loose term) and is all about Mia and Michael's royal wedding, which is awkward because The Princess Diaries: Royal Engagement movie kind of already ruined that – classic Anne Hathaway. I don't know how I feel about Mia and Michael ending up together, but it's kind of like how the Princess of Sweden married her physical trainer.

Allegedly, Mia and Michael have sex in the throne room, so Kate and Will need to step up their game. Princess Diaries: The Royal Wedding will definitely be worth a beach read.


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