There’s a New App that Tricks you Into Sharing Without Editing

One of the big things that we all love about social media is that we can creep on other people and see what their lives are like without actually having to ask them how they are doing. But in the back of our minds we all know that most of what people post has been edited a million times and they only put up the one picture where they didn’t look disgusting. So our creeping is limited by how good everyone is with Photoshop.

One app is trying to change all that. By taking away the filters and the emojis and the geotags, Beme is an app that lets you share video, but it sort of tricks you into sharing it so you don’t have a chance to edit it at all before it gets sent. The whole goal is to “engineer authenticity.” Basically this app is what would be created if Vine and Snapchat had a drunk baby. You record 4-second clips by covering up a “proximity sensor” on your iPhone and then send it to whoever you want. And like Snapchat the video disappears after the recipient watches it.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait till this gets popular because think of how hilarious all the drunk “bemes” will be. Things can already get pretty ratchet with Snapchat and that shit has filters.


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