There Was Sort Of A Mini OC Reunion

Summer Roberts (Rachel Bilson) and Taylor Townsend (Autumn Reeser) reunited on Hart of Dixie (shitty CW show). It's been ten years and I still fucking hate Taylor Townsend. I'm not over Marissa's death (RIP) and Ryan shouldn't be either. In “reality” both actresses, generous term, have moved on. They've both tried to pretend they're talented enough to be anything other than teen idols on The OC. This is approximately the saddest reunion I've ever seen. If Seth and Ryan aren't there I don't give a single fuck.

Real talk tho, what is Josh Schwartz even doing with his life. Gossip Girl is over and The Carrie Diaries suck ass. Get on the OC movie grind, we're all waiting for it, especially if it involves Marissa coming back from the dead. Kickstarter was made for this.




Source: eOnline


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