There Was a Mini Hills Reunion And It Was Weird

Whitney Port – the Teen Vogue intern that did go to Paris – had her bachelorette party in Las Vegas this weekend, and reunited with Brody Jenner. I can't wait to see how LC and Kristin react.

Whitney was the second-best to everyone on The Hills. She wasn't the star like Lauren, wasn't the BSCB like Heidi, and wasn't a scum sucking road whore like Audrina. She was the closest reality TV has every come to casting someone relatively normal. Well, she's getting married to some rando producer, and went to Britney Spears concert to celebrate her upcoming wedding.

Brody Jenner took time off from passively aggressively posting Instagrams about his gf not being invited to Kim and Kanye's wedding to go clubbing this weekend. Well, he has to get material for “Sex With Brody” aka the decline of Western civilization somehow. While he was out he ran into Whitney Port while she was celebrating her bachelorette party.



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A photo posted by Whitney Port (@whitneyeveport) on


Naturally, Whitney drunk Instagrammed the mini-reunion, so Brody looks super blurry, which tbh is a pretty good representation of his entire time on The Hills. The only way this photo could be better is if Justin Bobby had made an appearance.

Anyway, congrats Whitney. I hope your marriage is more successful than The City.


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