There Was A Mini Grease Reunion And You Missed It

There was a mini Grease reunion this weekend with Sandy (your favorite nice girl turned Queen Betch) and Frenchy (the dumb minion with great hair). They sang “Summer Nights” together, which is basically the musical version of I know who you did last summer. ICYMI and you never saw Grease as a child (read: never had a childhood), Grease is the ultimate 1950's teen movie kind of like how the 1980's had Heathers, the 1990's had Clueless, and the 2000's had Mean Girls. This is the equivalent of if in 30 years Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams did the Jingle Bell Rock dance.

The only way this could have been better is if John Travolta showed up and tried to do some of his iconic Danny Zuko hip thrusts.




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