There Is Now A Scandal Inspired Clothing Line

If you’re in the market for a power outfit and happen to be addicted to Scandal, you’re about to have a great fucking week. Starting next Tuesday, September 23, The Limited is releasing a Scandal inspired collection of over 70 items available in stores and online. By Scandal inspired they obvi mean Olivia Pope inspired, because why the fuck would anyone ever dress like Mellie or Quinn? All of this comes just two days before the Season 4 premiere on September 25, giving you 48 hours to purchase your very own Olivia outfit, in addition to copious amounts of wine, prior to the event.

The collection was created by a collaboration of Kerry Washington, who plays former Betch of the Week Olivia Pope, Lyn Paolo, Scandal’s costume designer and Elliot Staples, head of design at The Limited. It’s the first time a TV show, actress and retailer have all teamed up, which is pretty cool I guess. Fingers crossed we don’t see Once Upon a Time and Forever 21 try to pull some shit.

From the Scandal line, you can expect many of Olivia’s fashion staples from the show, all of which are amazing. In case you haven’t brushed up since last season, these include chic blouses, wide-leg pants, pencil skirts and fierce outerwear. Sexy president to rip them off of you: unfortunately not included. 

In a June press release, Washington said the line was created for “real-life gladiators” and ”women everywhere who are inspired to boldly pursue their passions and look good while doing it.” Personally I’d rather not refer to myself as a gladiator because it reminds me of Russell Crowe or people that are generally intense AF, like moms that go jogging with strollers. But I’m all for being inspired and looking good. Maybe if I wear some new OP gear I won’t need a Xanax in order to get through my daily routine? Here’s to hoping and happy shopping, betches.




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