The Type Of Guy Your Zodiac Sign Should Have A Summer Fling With

Alexa, play “Summer” by Calvin Harris! 

Falling in love in the summertime is inevitable, betch. Whether you suddenly find yourself crushing on a sexy coworker at happy hour, or you decide to take off on a summer getaway where you can unapologetically pull a Vicky Cristina Barcelona, rest assured, the heat is totally on. This, of course, could seem somewhat contradictory, from an astrological standpoint, considering the summer solstice is also the first day of Cancer season. (No offense, Cancer… but you know your astrological season tends to be a bit on the crybaby side…) But in the end, it’s those same overwhelming feels that flood our emotional psyche every year around the same time. Although, if you think Cancer season feels emotionally over-the-top, I suggest you mentally prepare yourself for Leo’s flamboyant theatrics. I truly can’t emphasize it enough, the summer is a panty-dropper season, and if you still don’t believe me, just wait until you get a glimpse of Leo season, because it’s going to be a cinematic experience.

Maybe I’m being cliche here, but the summertime feels like one big supercut from the 1978 romantic comedy Grease. Here’s how I see it: The first half, Cancer season, is a combination of the opening makeout scene on the beach, with a clip of Olivia Newton John’s “hopelessly devoted to you.” It’s sweet, it’s nostalgic, and let’s face it, it’s beyond sappy. Leo season, on the other hand, feels emotionally similar, but has a totally different vibe. This is everything from Danny Zuko’s melodrama in the midst of being stranded at the Drive-In, along with Sandy’s epic, “Tell me about it, stud,” before she and Danny fly away in a Ford De Luxe convertible, that’s been “Greased Lightning.” What can I say? Life imitates art. Real talk, though, who doesn’t fantasize about the ultimate summer fling? If you think I’m exaggerating, then why is it that musicians specifically wait until the summer to gift us with some of the most memorable hits of all time? #JustSaying

Looking for love this summer? See the type of guy you should have a summer fling, according to your zodiac sign below:


Admit it, betch. You love a man who takes action. You don’t like wasting time, and you get bored easily, too. So someone who’s just as hot-headed, passionate, and thrill-seeking would be your ideal scenario this summer. A hottie in the streets, and a savage in the sheets? Yes, please. Oh, and a little adrenaline-filled argument sesh every now and then doesn’t hurt—provided the makeup after is equally steamy.


You want the royal treatment, Taurus. Aside from the fact that you’re one possessive betch, you want a man that will wine, dine, and devour you. Nothing more and nothing less. Just make sure to let him know you’re looking for more than just a summer fling.


No strings attached, right? Don’t get me wrong, Gemini. It’s not that you’re against committed relationships or anything like that. On the contrary, you’re very much committed to flirting your little heart out, which is why your ultimate summer romance consists of something light, sexy, and mentally stimulating.


Cry me a river, betch. You more than likely have that summertime sadness thing going, like fellow Cancer songstress Lana Del Rey. That is, if you’re not driving yourself mad dreading the thought of your fairytale coming to an end, sooner or later, of course. You don’t do flings, Cancer. You want it all or nothing at all, so don’t bother trying to make yourself believe otherwise.


You want someone who straight-up worships you, betch. You’re playful, outgoing, and passionate AF… but you’re also incredibly attention-seeking, too. So your ideal summer fling would have to be someone you can bring around your loved ones during the day, and can have all to yourself at night. As long as it’s all about you, right?


You’re one picky betch, Virgo. You’re not as traditional as Capricorn, but you still have a type, and you’re not about to settle for anything less, either. You appreciate the courting, but you’re a sucker for the details. So he better pay close attention to you and go the extra mile. Oh, and it gets hot in the summer, too, so his hygiene better be up to par, or else it’s a no-go.


Your charm is your money-maker, Libra. Dating isn’t the issue, it’s finding your perfect match that seems to be the challenge. Unfortunately, your indecision doesn’t help either, but finding someone you can ultimately kick back with, and have good conversation with this summer will certainly do. Good looks are also a must-have, but that’s only because you’re spoiled.


Sexual chemistry is always a priority for you. Then again, you’re an extremist, so you’re either in it to win it, or completely uninterested. There’s really no in-between for you, Scorpio. It doesn’t matter whether you meet him in the summer or the fall, the moment you set your eyes on someone, it’s only a matter of time before you make them your sex slave for all eternity.


Lust and wanderlust are two completely different emotions, Sagittarius. But we all know wanderlust wins by a long shot. All I’m saying is, your ultimate summer fling most likely has TSA pre-check. That’s all. You love the outdoors, and you’re always looking for a reason to travel. So perhaps a fellow sunset chaser and eternal wanderer will do the trick. YOLO.


The more successful, the better—right, Capricorn? I’m not saying you’re a gold digger, but you have to admit the facts. You appreciate a hardworking man, especially those with that C-Suite swag. You’re bound to fall for the hottie working overtime this summer. You love putting in the work, and you expect the same from the people you invest in. Time is money.


Relax, betch. No one said anything about making your relationship official. On the contrary, summer flings are a seasonal thing, so you have nothing to worry about. In fact, who said you can’t have more than one summer romance? I know you’re all about that free love, so don’t be afraid to do exactly that. Just make sure you don’t play any of your sinister mind games in the process.


You’re a sultry siren, Pisces. This, of course, is especially true in the summer, as you’re one of the few who thrive during Cancer season. You are a fellow water sign, too, you know. And let’s face it, you’re a hopeless romantic, so you’re not very picky when it comes to choosing the ultimate summer love story. In fact, the more dreamy, emotional, and out-of-this-world, the more you’ll likely fall head over heels. What can I say? You’re unpredictably predictable.

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Valerie Mesa
Valerie Mesa
Valerie is an astrologer, writer and third-generation witch. Her favorite things to write about are mysticism and sex; the Moon is her muse.