The True Purpose Of Throwback Thursday

Betches love the throwback because it's all about them. It's one of the only socially acceptable ways to talk about your achievements and prides over the last twenty-something years without calling your mom or getting a job interview. Plus, the #tbt is the perfect strategy to not bring attention to the fact that you haven't actually done anything worth posting on Instagram in the last month besides being hungover.

There's a healthy variety of throwback styles a betch has at her disposable. The first, and most classic of these throwbacks is the “look at how good I look in this photo” TBT. This is most likely done on Instagram or occasionally a timehop screenshot to your boyfriend. It's all about showing your social media following that you were 110 pounds once in high school because you had mono, plus also remind them that you studied abroad in college and also looked incredibly hot in that Fourth of July one-piece in '09 that no longer fits.

The second type of classic TBT strategy for a betch is when she has a big night with like, so many good photos, but knows she can only post one on Facebook to optimize her likes. (Or, God forbid, Instagram more than once a day). Luckily, a betch knows that she will be able to TBT the other best photo in upcoming weeks. It's key with these types of posts to make sure that you look better than all your friends, and caption it with a casual and elusive: “Missing this weekend with the best xoxo”. God, love you.

But, there's nothing a betch loves more than the TBT that doesn't even need to happen on Thursday. This betchy linguistic is her go-to, a more intimate, sarcastic, and backhanded type of communication that is usually limited to roomie group messages or snapchat. It's core purpose is to re-remind your besties something that happened just a few days before to get the attention back on yourself. Examples include, but are no means limited to, “TBT to all of us MO'ing with club promoters last night”, “TBT to that time Jordyn ordered a vodka soda at Oktoberfest” or, of course, “TBT to when Kyle got chlamydia, lol.”

Betches know the importance of never abusing a TBT, however. You really can only post a throwback once a month. A weekly TBT sounds like something your 6th grade cousin would do. Sure, she might get 300 likes, but there's just something different about that generation's social media pull and I'm afraid it has a lot to do with Vine.


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