The Top 5 Places To Cross Paths With Guys On Happn

As we’ve mentioned before, Happn is a new app that lets you meet people you’ve already crossed paths with IRL—so no rando internet creepers. We’ve covered how to Happn like a betch, so now we’re taking a look at the top 5 places to meet a bro on Happn.

1. The Gym:

You work your ass off at the gym, literally, so naturally you want a guy who does the same. Normally, a betch wouldn’t be caught dead trying to flirt with a guy at the gym because her face is redder than a baboon’s ass and she’s drenched in sweat. Not to mention, she has no makeup on and her hair is in a ponytail (gasp). This is where Happn comes in. You can meet the FFB you’ve always wanted, without having to talk to him while you’re on the elliptical.

2. Starbucks:

At the crack of dawn (okay, 9am but same thing) when your eyes are half-shut and you’re about to go on a murder spree, the last thing you’re noticing is the hottie in front of you ordering that latte. With Happn, you can flirt with (read: ignore) him while you’re caffeinated.

3. A bar/club:

Just in case you were too blackout to remember that guy’s name, what he looked like, if you gave him your number, etc…

4. A concert:

When you’re in a sea of people who are all entranced by Drake’s seductive crooning, the last thing on your priorities list is “scope for hot bros.” Scope after the concert so you don’t have to sacrifice belting “Hold on, We’re Going Home,” and you don’t waste time on the first date with boring “Who’s your favorite musician”-type questions. Two birds, meet one stone.

5. The airport:

You’d just be sitting at your gate for the next hour anyway, so why not find a guy to buy you a drink? Who knows, you might even end up on the same flight—not that I’m advocating becoming members of the Mile High Club, that would be trashy and quite possibly illegal. Gross.


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