The Top 10 Wedding Trends Of The Last Decade

A lot has happened in the last decade: Kim Kardashian was robbed in Paris, Justin Bieber got married, Miley and Liam got back together and then broke up, oh, and a “controversial television personality” became the 45th President of the United States… but we won’t go into that. Instead, let’s channel our attention to the top 10 wedding trends of the last decade, some of which you won’t believe. We got inside info from Jennifer Spector, Director of Brand at Zola, the female led e-commerce online wedding registry and planner, on what these wedding trends look like. And while some are going to make it into the next decade of wedding trends, a few have seriously got to go. 

1. Statement Florals

wedding floral wall

Since you’re probably going to incorporate flowers into your big day, shouldn’t they at least make a statement? What’s the point of spending hundreds thousands of dollars on florals if they’re barely going to be noticeable? Plus, there are few decor elements more photogenic than flowers. That’s why the number one wedding trend of the last decade is statement florals. Think of flowers literally hanging from the ceiling or an entire floral wall at the entrance of the venue. From draped greenery to boxwood hedges, floral wedding trends were so fetch in the 2010s. According to Zola, 35% of weddings incorporate statement florals into their wedding decorations, 22% of which favor hanging greenery, 20% into succulents, and 16% going big with the floral wall. “Weddings in the last decade were all about having the perfect Instagrammable moment, and statement florals are a relatively easy way to make a big impact. Celebrity weddings like Kim Kardashian’s floral filled ceremony also helped bring the trend into the mainstream,” says Spector. Okay, so we’re not as over-the-top as Kim K, but that doesn’t mean our flowers can’t be.

2. Mix & Match Wedding Party Styles

bridal party

Apparently couples are getting over the whole “you MUST wear this exact dress in this exact style no matter how it looks on your body type” wedding parties, and honestly, it’s about time. Spector shares, “Couples today want their wedding to reflect their personal style, and that extends to their wedding party. From different dresses in the same color to simply coordinating colors, really anything goes when it comes to wedding party style,” which she says is “a big change from the matchy-matchy trend of previous decades.” Zola has found that 53% of wedding parties coordinated, but did not match. Does this mean I won’t have to see that same hideous lilac tube top dress duplicated on seven different bridesmaids? Hallelujah!

3. Destination Weddings

beach wedding

Have you ever dreamed of having a destination wedding in, say, Mykonos? The warm breeze flowing through your perfectly blown-out hair, the sun setting against the Aegean Sea (yes, I just looked it up), the waves shimmering in the background? I have, and I’m not the only one. “The generation of couples getting married today love to travel and there’s no better excuse to go on the trip of a lifetime than your wedding,” says Spector. According to Zola, 50% of couples plan to have a destination wedding, which in other words, means 1 in 2 couples are selfish and rude. Everyone knows that demanding people to travel for your special day is expensive and inconvenient for guests. No offense, but it’s true. I’d still totally have my wedding in Mykonos if I could afford it, though. Can I get an AMEN?

4. Mini-Moons


I didn’t know “mini-moon” was even a word, but it is, and just in case you live under a rock like I apparently do, it’s defined as a short vacation newly married couples take before their real honeymoon. Must be nice to be able to afford two vacations. Spector explains, “More and more couples in the last decade paid for their own wedding, so mini-moons are a great way to celebrate and decompress while spreading out expenses over a few months.” According to Zola, 19% of couples are taking mini-moons, and I’m here for it. Treat yo’self.

5. Non-Traditional Gifts


When it comes to wedding gifts, it’s no secret newlywed couples want one thing: cold, hard cash. Whether you and your new hubby are just starting out or you guys just bought a mansion in Capri (am I invited?), you’d still choose cash over a new air fryer, you know? That’s why I’m not surprised to find that according to Zola, most couples register for cash funds alongside regular gifts. But what if you want cash and air-fried sweet potato fries? With Zola’s registry, you can get both. “The majority of couples today live together before getting engaged and want to register for a mix of traditional home upgrades, gift cards, and cash funds to help pay for their honeymoon or a down payment on their first home,” Spector says. “Today you’d be hard-pressed to find a registry that doesn’t include a mix of gifts and cash funds. Zola is still the only place where couples can register for everything they want, all in one place,” she adds.

6. Adults-Only Weddings

bouquet toss

Baby, bye, bye, bye. No, literally. No babies allowed. Don’t get me wrong, I love kids. But if your high school BFF got pregnant and had three beautiful angel children by the ripe age of 25, that’s her problem, not yours. Zola found that 63% of couples plan on having a kid-free wedding, and it’s mainly due to the cost. “Cost is the biggest factor in choosing to have an adults-only wedding. In addition to paying for their own wedding, many couples are investing in a more premium experience for their guests by inviting less people but spending more per person,” says Spector. Plus, with no kids to look after, you can have more fun, am I right?

7. Wedding Hashtags

wedding hashtag

Did your wedding even happen if you didn’t post it on Instagram with a cute hashtag? Um, yeah, which is why you spend thousands on a wedding photographer and videographer, but whatever. “Hashtags are the breakout star of the last decade. The overwhelming majority of weddings today have a hashtag and it’s one of the first things couples do once they get engaged. With hundreds of people snapping photos at all your wedding events, a hashtag is the best way to catalog everything in one place,” Spector says. Zola revealed that 77% of couples use wedding hashtags, and from a convenience standpoint, it kind of makes sense. But now that everyone just tags each other in Instagram posts, and with how forced these things get trying to mash two completely different last names into one pun, I’m wondering if we will cool it on the hashtags in the years to come.

8. Wedding Weekends

As if your wedding day isn’t exhausting enough, Zola found that 3/4 of couples have at least one other event during their wedding weekend. Talk about having zero chill. Some of these events include a post-wedding brunch or a welcome party, which can be nice for your guests coming from out of town. “The number of events surrounding a wedding has increased in the last decade, from the welcome party, to the after party and brunch the morning after, more couples are turning their wedding celebration into a weekend-long affair,” explains Spector. If planning a wedding isn’t stressful enough, and you want to put two more events on your plate, more power to you.

9. Wedding Websites

wedding website

Some of us swiped right to find our grooms, so it’s no surprise that the vast majority of couples continue using online tools like wedding websites to plan their wedding. Spector says, “Couples today do everything online, and the rise of wedding websites reflects that. Before Zola, couples had to use an average of three websites to do everything they needed for their wedding, but now couples can share travel details, their registry, collect RSVPs, and so much more all in one place.” Organizing everything in one place online is much more accessible and productive, and with the already immense amount of stress wedding planning entails, having one simple wedding website is seriously helpful.

10. Signature Cocktails

wedding cocktail

Think of yourself as a drink. No, seriously, try it. What would you be? I’d like to be a tequila soda with lime: simple, classy, and clean. According to Zola, 85% of people plan to have a signature cocktail at their wedding to accurately describe who they are. They’ve been super interested in making the drink names as personal as possible, Spector revealed. “Weddings in the 2010s were all about making it personal, and signature cocktails are another way couples add personality to their celebration. Some of the best signature cocktails names I’ve seen are the “She Swiped Right Refresher” and a “Matrimony Martini.” Even if your hashtag feels a little forced, you can still find a way to be fun with your signature drink names.

These top 10 wedding trends of the last decade seem up to par with what our generation is into, and I’m actually excited to see what’s in store for the next wedding decade. DIY bridesmaid dresses? Edible flower bouquets? Destination weddings to outer space, anyone? 

Images: Shutterstock (6); Katelyn MacMillan, Arshad Pooloo, Roberto Nickson, Unsplash; David Yohanes / Pexels

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