The Top 10 Betchy Pet Peeves

The only acceptable pet for a betch to have is her #95 little dog. Here are some betchy pet peeves that need to stop happening like, yesterday. 

10. People Who Make Fun of You For Always Being On Your Phone

If you don't understnad our compulsion to check, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook every three seconds then you can't sit with us.

9. Judgey Parents On Spring Break


If you did not want us pounding shots next to your kids then you shouldn’t have brought them to fucking Cabo.

8. Grammar Police

The only thing worse than someone who doesn’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re” is the person who acts like you stabbed a baby everytime they see a typo. 

7. Drunk girls you aren’t friends with

It’s one thing if your own besties are white girl wasted, but when you see other girls like that it’s just like Goddd, get your shit together.  

6. Excessive hash tag use

#YOLO #Blessed #This #Is #So #Fucking #Annoying

5. People who drive slow as fuck

Betch road rage should not be messed with. We’re going to try and pass you and will probably cause an accident and it will be ALL YOUR FAULT.

4.  Strangers who choose to sit right next to you on public transportation

Does my fuck off face look inviting you to you?

3.  People who take forever to order at Starbucks

“Wait, what’s a Frappuccino??” It’s a drink that’s going to add another five pounds to your ass. Now step aside so I can order my iced coffee.

2. Girls that actually follow up on the “let’s get coffee” plans you made during your stop and chat

You should never actually follow through with these plans. That’s just, like, the rules of feminism.

1. When dealers don’t text back

This is just REALLY bad customer service. This is not how you run a business!


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