The Smith: Where No One Knows Your Name But You Come Back Anyway

The Smith Rating: 8.5

Food: 3.25

Service: 3.0

Atmosphere: 2.25

The Smith is one of those places that you’ll come once and come again. You can show up for Sunday brunch, after work drinks and apps, dinner with the boyfriend, dinner with the boyfriend as he meets your parents for the first time and they judge him for being a vegetarian, ETC. You can get something really healthy or extremely fattening while also drinking a freshly made marg and not feel like you’re slumming it. No we weren’t paid for this, The Smith is just a betch go to when there’s no where else you can think of going, but are happy when you do. 

The Atmosphere

Feels trendy but pretty bright so if you’re coming here on a date make sure your skin is super clear. They pour wine in cups which I personally hate but if you can get over it, order the wine. Tip: ordering a carafe is actually a bottle and a half of wine. Though I tend to stick to the hard shit, and the free offerings of sparkling water. 

Instagram Friendly? Def. Lighting is bright and the food is well presented. Has a photobooth near the bathrooms so all around yes. 

Is there a chance I’ll run into a celebrity? Unless you think your friend’s friend who has 18k instagram followers is a celebrity, you’ll most likely have a heart palpitation free dining experience here.

Bread basket worth the carbs: Nah. They tempt you by placing it in little baggies and you’re like alright let’s see what’s in there and then you see it’s just normal white bread but since you already started opening it, you might as well break off a piece, but then you’re like why am I eating this fucking piece of baguette?

Shoe situation: Heels if it's like, an after work or pre going out situation. But at the same time, you can really wear anything here. 

Good for: Group dinners, casual eats, drinks and apps, outdoor eating at Lincoln Center and quasi-outdoor eating at Midtown East, eye fucking guys at the bar

Neighborhood: East Village, Midtown East, Lincoln Center

Price: $$-$$$

The Crowd

Depends on Location. Lincoln Center obvi has old people who frequent the opera. East Village has more of a trendier crowd while Midtown East is filled with mediocre to fairly hot guys in work clothes. They're apparently opening a new one in NoMad soon so you'll prob see us there. 

The Food

Tomato Soup: A classic at the Smith. It makes you think, why isn’t there melted cheese on top of every soup you eat? While probably more filling than any entrée on the menu, it’s worth coercing a bestie to order so you can steal a few spoon/mouthfulls of tomato-y cheesy amazingness.

Blistered Shishito Peppers: Just yes. It’s like edamame with a kick.

Beer Battered String Beans: Shadidly addicting, overtly greasy. When we order these I take the green beans out of the batter part and dip them in the crack ranch. I then pick at the fried dough I took off until the waiter takes my plate away.

Mushroom Omelet with Egg whites (For Brunch*): If you’re looking for a healthy brunch this is it and absolutely delicious. Replace the home fries for a garden salad if you feel like making your friends who ordered the tomato soup feel uncomfortable, the lettuce and dressing are actually pretty tasty (for lettuce and dressing). *Some items on the brunch menu come with a free bloody mary or mimosa, which ranks high in our book.

Spicy Salmon Tartare: Aka Salmon Crispy Rice. I like how they didn’t do spicy tuna because then we’d need to compare it to Koi which would be no bueno for the Smith but for a non Japanese restaurant this salmon crispy rice is like a must order now kind of situation.

Maine Lobster Salad: This is not the healthiest of salads but it is a mighty fine one. It is big. It is also fucking delicious. Share it with your bestie and get a side order of brussels and you’ll definitely go home happy as a hippo without looking like one.

Tuna Tartare: This is just okay. The sauce is a bit too acidic for me but it’s definitely on the healthier side of the menu.

Mac n Cheese: Order this for yourself with a side of YOLO. Order this for you and 3 friends to share and save yourself 3 hours at the gym. While this mac n cheese is a cheesy mouth explosion aka amazing, I suggest you skip it if you’ve had like incredible mac n cheese in your day, because it’s not out of this world. However, if you’ve never had great mac n cheese, we’d approve of starting with this one.

Salmon: I’ve never had the salmon and been unhappy with it. It comes with farro and a carrot salad. Definitely a healthier option.

The Brussels Sprouts: YO. This is the first thing we order. Let’s put it this way, if they take the brussels sprouts off the menu, my chance of coming back to the Smith will significantly decrease. It’s a backhanded compliment but also like, an amazing compliment if you think about it.

Banana Cream Pie in a Jar: While we would never normally order dessert at a casual dinner, our waitress somehow convinced us to try this and it was like, on the level of Magnolia good. And we love shit that comes in jars and apparently The Smith has been doing this for a while. 

Gluten Free Options:

Kale and Quinoa salad, Shishito Peppers, most of the big salads, the mussels, Bibimbap, Brussels Sprouts (basically all sides) and we've been told that they can modify over 75% of the items on the menu for your glufree liking. 

Restaurant Info

The Smith

East Village: 55 3rd Ave //  Midtown: 956 2nd Ave // Lincoln Center: 1900 Broadway

Phone: (212) 420-9800 // (212) 644-2700 // (212) 496-5700


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