The Situation Possibly Filming His Own TV Show that No One Will Watch

Mike the Situation is filming his own reality show and suddenly television gets a little shittier. But like, it's not clear whether or not someone has actually OFFERED him a show sooo is he just taking matters in his own chodey hands and filming it himself? If that's the case then that's fucking hysterical. Oh my god it's like in Along Came Polly when PSH has a film crew filming his E! True Hollywood Story but E! didn't know about it yet, or like the time that your friend was like we should totally have our own reality show and takes videos of you and your besties on her iPhone dancing on tables during a pregame.

Anyway here's a video clip of Mike the Loser taping his home movie reality show. It's basically a 30 minute clip of him getting in and out of his white Lamborghini. Truly riveting shit.

Source: TMZ


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