The Real Housewives Are Getting An Awards Show

Yup, this is what our society has come to. The “Real Housewives” are getting an actual award show, marking the first time a housewife has been awarded with anything bigger than a “#1 MOM” mug. And it's not like this is just some show that's based on awarding the biggest piece of shit like the Razzies. This is a real thing and I have a sneaking suspicion that one day this might actually get higher ratings than the Oscars or at least like, the SAG awards. I honestly couldn't care less that this is ridic as fuck because as soon as I heard this news my mind started racing with things like, who will host (Bravo Andy)…who will present the awards…who will they wear…WHY CAN'T THIS BE SOONER!?

We seriously can't wait until March 23rd, and the best part of this whole thing is that WE CAN VOTE, and not even in an electoral college kind of way where your votes won't count. There is hope for democracy yet. But there's even bigger hope for what Kim Richards will say in her inevitable acceptance speech, because there's no way Bravo would deprive us of the chance to hear Kim rehash her acting career as if she's receiving a legitimate award.  

Or you can just vote in our poll, it's easier. 



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