The Period Wars Continue With Music Parody Videos

For the past week the world has become obsessed with women's periods, kind of like that one week in middle school when the first girl in your friend group got hers. Well, instead of a meteoric rise in popularity and manipulating her mom to buy her a new Juicy Couture track suit because she was a ~woman~ now, women in England and Australia are protesting the government taxing pads and tampons. Clearly, those male politicians haven't used a tampon to stop a bloody nose before.



Women in England changed the lyrics to Bad Blood by Taylor Swift and women in Australia changed the lyrics to Drop It Like It's Hot by Snoop Dog. Yes, this is some Weird Al level bull shit, but I'm low-key obsessed with it. The lyrics aren't great and the singing/rapping is 5 shots in at drunk karaoke bad, but the message is pretty great. If the government is going to put an extra tax on tampons and pads then they definitely need to start taxing Axe Body Spray.




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