The Official Betch List Poster Is Here And You Needed It Yesterday

You’ve loved it, you’ve lived by it, and now you can live with it. | $25 

Our insanely popular Betch List is finally in poster form so you can put it in the room in your #249 sorority house, your apartment, or the master bedroom you told your parents you just really needed to put all your stuff.

This poster captures everything a betch should be. Whether you want to declare your love for Instagram, drunk brunch, not doing work, Spring break, or just not having sex with bros (sometimes) it’s all on here. As betches, there are so few things that we like, so putting up this poster is pretty much the only reminder for betches that not everything is the worst—just, like, most things.

Made in the style of the Burn Book from every betches’ favorite movie Mean Girls because this whole list is like, “that’s funny; put that in there.” This hilarious and cute poster is online now, and we know you can’t wait to start online shopping, betches.

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