Betchiest Lessons From The Office

It’s not an obvious fact that betches would love The Office. I mean, it’s set in Scranton Pennsylvania where I’m pretty sure there’s no Saks 5th Avenue within a twenty mile radius, the city is entirely middle class, and all anyone supposedly does is #36 work in a cubicle with fugly florescent lighting. But just as the povos relish in shows like MTV Cribs, we too can appreciate life on the other side. And upon closer inspection, we’ve realized the Office is basically a ten year story of people trying out ways to not do work while talking shit about their superiors to a camera crew. And we found that to be very relatable. Let’s take a look at the betchiest lessons we learned from The Office, a show that proved that even the cutest couple can morph into annoying UGHs.

Being #122 inappropriate when telling jokes is a necessity


#130 Driving like a fucking idiot is not something to be ashamed of


Details are bullshit when trying to prove your worth. Just wear your #90 high heels


Don’t be afraid to #197 overreact


Eating is torture


It’s always chill to #42 dress like a slut to work


Green is for whores


It’s important to remain close to your #52 GBFF


Making fun of the office #48 dud is a good way to pass time at work and also, identity theft is not a joke, Jim


If Pam can get a date, so can you


Don’t hook up with a #70 delusional dater on February 13th


And finally, when it comes to having a real job it’s important to warn your co-workers


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