The Most Ridiculous Quotes From Princesses of LI on Sunday

…Because we felt like it.


“I'm having a sleepover tonight. My parents are away. I don't want to stay here alone. I got cheese for the sleepover, but it's all mixed. I feel like poor people mix things.” Ashlee


“Last time I had a sleepover, I wet my pants. My mom had to pick me up and take me home.” – Amanda


“Did I just get engaged??” – Erica (answer: no)


“If I gave a bad speech, it would be the headlines for the community the next day, that not only am I husbandless, but I don't know how to write a speech” – Chanel


“My date is dancing with every woman over 50 here. I need to politely excuse myself and get the hell out of here. I learned a lot tonight. Never will I go to another nursing home to find a guy.” – Ashlee


“I feel really bad for Joey because I cannot imagine living in this place. Where do you put your Gucci shoes? The closet is about the same size as my hamper” – Amanda



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