UPDATED: The Most Random Celebrities Quarantining Together

The past month has been a pretty unprecedented time, and everyone has dealt with it in different ways. For most of us, that just means watching a lot of TV and eating all the snacks in sight—nothing that groundbreaking. But the most important element of a quarantine situation is who you’re with. Whether it’s no one, your roommate or S.O., or your parents and siblings, you’re spending a lot of time with these people. That’s what makes certain celebrity quarantine situations so wild.

Of course, we’ve seen lots of celebrity couples quarantined together—I think Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas have literally taken 1,000 walks for the paparazzi at this point. But while most of the couples are pretty unsurprising, there are some more unexpected celeb quarantine situations that need to be addressed. Here are the most random celebrity quarantine pairings.

Amy Poehler & Will Arnett

This deep into quaran-times, I didn’t think we would get any more major discoveries, but boy was I wrong. On Sunday night, CTV hosted a major live fundraiser to raise money for Canada’s food banks, and many of our favorite Canadian celebs, from Ryan Reynolds, to Drake, to Justin Trudeau, made appearances. But the biggest shock of the night was when Will Arnett and Amy Poehler—who divorced in 2016—made a joint appearance. What does this mean?!?!? Could they just be together so their kids can be with both of them? Sure. But could there be more to the story? Maybe!! For now, I’ll try not to get my hopes up, but this still feels like major news. Oh, and who knew Will Arnett was Canadian?

Bruce Willis & Demi Moore


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What year is it? What is going ON? These famous exes are quarantined together with their adult children in Sun Valley, Idaho, and it seems like everyone is having a pretty good time. The thing that makes this so weird is that Bruce Willis is currently married to someone else—and they have two young children together. So while Bruce’s current wife and kids are quarantined in Los Angeles, he’s hundreds of miles away, playing house with his ex. A source told People that “everything is great” between Bruce and current wife Emma, and that she has “no issues” with him being in Idaho, but like… something seems not right here.

Kaia Gerber, Ashley Benson, Cara Delevingne, Tommy Dorfman, & Margaret Qualley


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For the first couple weeks of quarantine, this was pretty much the peak quarantine crew. I mean, you’ve got models, actors and TWO Pete Davidson exes. They were making TikToks, going for walks, and generally were pretty unavoidable. But I guess a quarantine house is only fun for so long, and now the group has dispersed. It appears that Margaret Qualley was the first to peace out, and she’s been seen walking with her mom, Andie MacDowell. For the past couple weeks, Kaia Gerber has also been with her parents in Malibu.

I understand why spending over a month with a bunch of random friends would get old, but it seems like this group is kind of missing the point here. Quarantine isn’t just an extended sleepover, from which your parents can pick you up at any moment. Wherever you were a month ago is where you should still be now!

Khloé Kardashian & Tristan Thompson

The Kardashian-Jenners have been forced into some interesting quarantine situations. Both Kylie Jenner and Khloé Kardashian are spending time with their exes, with whom they both have children. It looks like Tristan Thompson isn’t actually living at Khloé’s house, but he’s been coming over regularly to see True, and she even mentioned on Twitter that they were watching KUWTK together. I don’t know if that’s proper protocol, but I also can’t imagine not being able to see my child during all of this. It seems clear that Khloé and Tristan aren’t actually back together, but she did say on KUWTK last week that she would consider “borrowing” some of his sperm to have a second baby. Like, ew.

Victoria Fuller & Chris Soules

Of course, we’ve talked about the questionable quarantine situations of Kelley and Peter, and Hannah and Tyler. But I think the most interesting Bachelor Nation development during this whole time has been Victoria Fuller’s alleged trip to spend time with Chris Soules in Iowa. I don’t know what to say about these two potentially being together, other than that I certainly did not see it coming. To be fair, we don’t know anything about their relationship other than that Reality Steve confirmed Victoria was visiting him, and that they maybe posted pictures with the same couch cushions in the background. But regardless, I shudder to think about the chaos that they would create together.

So now that you’ve seen some of these messy quarantine situations, maybe being stuck in your childhood bedroom, having all your meals made for you, doesn’t seem that bad. At least you’re not stuck with an ex that cheated on you while you were pregnant? Idk, I guess there’s no ideal situation right now. If you’re aware of any other wild celebrity quarantine setups, please let me know, because I need to live vicariously through these people.

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