The Kardashians Had Their Annual Slutty Christmas Party

We may not believe in Santa anymore, but we do know that the best part of Christmas Eve is getting drunk with our families. The Kardashian-Jenner's decided to take this to the next level with the Kardashian Kristmas Party. ICYMI, every year cool mom Kris Jenner (when is she going to change it back to Kardashian??) throws an insane Christmas Eve party, which is basically an excuse for the Kardashians to look hot as fuck and get drunk – at this point they really don't need excuses anymore.

This year Kendall and Kylie wore matching, couture, slutty mummy costumes. Like actually, they look like they came from a chic horror movie. There's a lot going on with Kylie's dress – the huge boobs (has to be stuffed), corseted waist, lips the size of Kim's ass, and enough eye makeup for all of the Victoria's Secret Angels. Kendall wore the nice girl version of Rihanna's crop top and skirt ensemble from the Met Ball, but she's a legit model so it worked out okay. Khloe wore basically the same thing she wore to French Montana's birthday – black dress, low cut, huge side slit. Kris wore a sequined mini-dress because Kendall told her the party was themed 2005. Bruce got a quarter of his face into a photo with Kendall and Kylie. Even with all of his Botox, compared to Kylie he looked the most like a human being.

Kimye, Kourtney, Scott and their small army of children did not make an appearance, either because they were busy doing normal family activities or because Kanye didn't like Kim's dress.


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