Knocked Up Kourtney Kardashian Wears Kylie Jenner’s Clothes

The Kardashians are trolling us. Kourtney has been wearing Kylie's clothes recently, which is awkward because Kourtney is 15 months pregnant and Kylie – despite looking fucking 27 – is in fact 17. The thing is, Kourtney low key looked almost normal in Kylie's dress and shirt, leading me to believe they are Kourtney's clothes and she's just fucking with us. That shift dress could fit two of Kylie Jenner and Kim's ego comfortably. Kylie doesn't wear anything unless it reveals her daddy issues, so I'm going to guess she has never actually worn that dress.

Then Kim decided to wear ripped jean cargo shorts with a cropped top and strappy heels… Kanye won't let her wear anything from last season, but saw this ensemble and said “aight”?? Apparently, 4th grade dressy casual is a thing again. What's next, Bruce Jenner steps out in one of Kris' dresses?



Source: eOnline


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