The Friends Season Was A Hoax and Other Sad Stories: Real World Roundup

The Friends reunion was a hoax. We're just as disappointed in humanity as Monica was in Rachel when she lost her earring.

Someone designed a $15.3 million iPhone coated in solid gold and decorated with black and white diamonds. This takes #193 expensive iphone cases to a whole new level. So if you're like totally rich because your dad invented toaster strudel, I think we know what you'll be asking to borrow dad's credit card for. The rest of us will just have to live with our overpriced marc by marc jacobs cases that don't offer any actual phone protection. Whatevs, if you can't afford to buy a new iPhone when your Kate Spade hardshell case does fucking nothing to save your phone when you drop it in the toilet, you can't sit with us. Read article>>

Apparently, Lindsay stayed sober during Coachella and was home by 10 pm every night. Snoozefest. Which begs the question, why fucking go to Coachella? Yeah Lindz, there's nowhere I'd rather be sober than surrounded by the highest and drunkest teenagers in the country. There's just no way that ferris wheel is fun when you're not stoned out of your mind. Read article>>

Billy Ray Cyrus wrote a memoir called “Hillbilly Heart.” He should probs change the title to “It's The Climb: Desperate Attempt to Pretend I have a Career.” All I got out of his interview is that he currently has longer hair than Miley. Can't decide if this is something we should be worried about. Read article>>

Kim Kardashian uploaded a video to keek of herself gushing about how hot her sister Kendall is while she pans over Kendall in a bikini. First of all, what the fuck is Keek? This shit better not blow up because I don't need another social network to stress over getting likes in. And Kim, sorry but uploading videos of you creeping on your sister tanning isn't going to make anyone forget how fat you are right now. Read article>>


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