The FDA is Cracking Down on Tanning

The FDA is cracking down on one of our favorite activities, since apparently tanning can be like, kind of bad for you. To start, tanning beds will be required have black box warning labels stating that they should not be used by people under 18 (because teenage betches at tanning salons totally follow warning labels…not). In response this, the president of the Indoor Tanning Association (yes, that is a thing) basically said he doesn’t understand why everyone’s freaking out about skin cancer because he “doesn’t think the science is there.” Ok, except it is…

While the new FDA regulations aren’t preventing tanning bed use by people under 18, some states already have laws that do. For all underage the betches in training out there: if you do live somewhere where with a tanning ban, use this as an opportunity to practice using a fake ID. I mean, you have rights. No law should prevent you from being the tannest betch at prom.

Source: CNN


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