The Difference Between Miley’s and Beyonce’s Sexual Songs: An Answer to Manrepeller

The Man Repeller posted an article today that asked why people’s reactions to Beyonce's and Miley’s most recent albums are so starkly different while both are sexual both visually and lyrically. Well Man Repeller, as with most things in life, we have the answer.

While I was watching Beyonce rub her body against a car wearing nothing but a leotard in her new song ‘Blow' while singing I can’t wait till I get home so you can tear that cherry out, I know everything you want, Imma show you how I stroke it, stroke it, I couldn’t help but think wow this bitch is so hot, no homo. This immediately reminded me of white legging'ed Miley in the ‘We Can’t Stop” video when she too was grinding her body, specifically her vagina, into the bed like she was trying to fuck her way to China. However, my reaction to Miley’s sexual ‘dancing’ was totally different. Instead of feeling empowered like YEAH GIRLS ARE HOT GIRL POWER I was like, ew this is gross go floss the grills out of your mouth.

So why the vast difference in reaction? Man Repeller suggests it’s because Beyonce has “earned her reputation as a role model.” While that’s true, we don’t think it’s the whole reason. We think it’s simply the different looks and past careers these two performers have. Miley looks like a little girl and has spent most of her life being portrayed as a little girl, so it looks completely unnatural. Sure it gets attention and worship, but nowhere near the idol worship of Beyonce. She has to compensate to the point where it seems as if she’s doing it for the attention to see how far she can go.

In truth, acting like “oh check me out y’all I can stick yet another gold chain up my vag! Let’s see what else I can fit in there!” while making a come hither face is not the formula for sex appeal. Just being sexy is sexy enough. And that's why I don't dry heave when I see Beyonce humping something because frankly, she's a natural.

If you watch Miley’s Backyard Sessions on Youtube, specifically Jolene, something I’ve done a couple times after having been slightly brainwashed by MTV’s Miley Documentary, you’ll realize she’s actually talented. So skill isn’t a factor here. The reality is is that Miley portrays her sexuality in an extremely immature way so it’s exceptionally hard to take her for anything less than a punch-line. And with that said, Beyonce rules the world.


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