The Bros Behind Tinder Are Misogynist Douchebags (SHOCKER)

We all knew that some SAB’s were behind Tinder—like how back in June the ex-VP of marketing Whitney Wolfe sued Tinder because their CMO (and her ex bf) called her a whore. And I thought my exes were asshats.

ICYMI: Justin Mateen (CMO) and Sean Rad (CEO) never got out of the whole “fratty douchebag” mindset and thought it was cool to do shit like refer to their coworkers as “liberal lying desperate sluts” and threaten to fuck other people’s wives.  Wait, so you mean to tell me the guys who invented a sketchy-ass hookup app are actually total jackasses? Mind. Blown.

Anyways, that case already settled and Tinder said goodbye to Justin because he was the creepiest link. But now Sean is being forced out of his position as CEO because he and Justin are still extremely buddy-buddy, like they even have matching Mercedes. No seriously, I did not make that up. He’s not being ousted because he’s lame af, though, but because he’s gone so far as to say his bro got screwed and could have defended himself by airing Whitney’s dirty laundry and destroying her rep.  Seriously, where do I sign up to get a date with these guys? My mom would love them.

So to punish Rad, IAC (the company that owns Tinder) has demoted Rad from CEO to…President. He'll still keep 10% ownership of a billion-dollar company and a seat on the board. That'll show him!




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