The Betches’ Guide to Spring Flings

As the weather gets warmer, so does a betch’s heart, meaning just like Elsa in Frozen, we learn to control our disdain for steady dating in exchange for some mild interest in the activity.  It’s common knowledge that fall and spring are generally seasons for coupling, due possibly to the transitional weather but we can’t be sure.  If you’re a single betch getting your summer body on, it’s not hard to attract a bro in Sperrys you might even show interest in.

Sure, fall is cuffing season, but by January most of you have uncoupled if your relay wasn’t built to last.  Now that the weather is getting nice and wedding season is getting a running start, having a main bro just before the summer seems like a good idea.

It’s easy to fall in semi-love in the Spring, considering that football season has not begun and baseball is much less of an all-day drinking sport. This means his Sundays are generally open to take you brunch and then for actual date events such as those classes people take like pottery and cupcake baking.  Sure, you may usually find couples groupons unappealing, but you now have all this extra energy from the additional hour of daylight that you’re bored enough to be intrigued by them.

It’s called a spring fling because you’re not obligated to commit through the summer – there’s an unspoken understanding that summer is the most casual season of the year, so the idea of getting romantic for a few months with a visible end-date is appealing.  Should you decide to keep your beau through summer, well no harm, no foul. Plus, besides Easter, no holidays occur in the Spring, which means gift giving is at a low for both of your conveniences.

You’ll both be showing more skin, but it's not yet so hot that you’re sweating through it, so it’s a time when betches and bros are at their most attractive.  Not to mention if your corporate calendar ends in the Spring as many institutions do, you’ll both be fresh off your work bonuses for extra play money so he can conveniently take you on vacation so you have a chance to wear your new swimsuits.

The key to a successful spring fling is a balance of group and individual hang-outs.  Being wedding season and all, consistency is so much more convenient than having to increase your number and scramble for different dates.  Through all the one on one events, you want to make sure he’s aware you’re still chill and not pushing for anything serious – and hence the group hangs. BBQ’s, picnics, group outings – great time to show each other your social side while also scouting out potential conquests for when you’re single this summer.

All in all, betches love coupling up in the Spring, but just like the baby birds eventually learn to fly, summer time will come around and most of us will not want to stay nested. Get your fling on, but don't get too attached.


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