The Betches’ Guide to Nail Art

Recently, everyone and their mother have been getting their nails all done up like they’re fucking canvases. Tbh first hearing the words “nail art” made us think of the little flowers small betches would get done on their thumb nail, then we thought it was a little ratchet. Finally we’ve accepted it. Here’s some of our fav nail art:

What is betchier than pink and Swarovski crystals?


We LOVE the color combo. It reminds us of margs on the beach. Also flamingos are like the most vain type of bird ever, and they’re fucking pink too.


These nails are for the classy betch. A little more subtle but the color is hot as fuck. And the flowers totally give it like a soft I’m-so-sweet-but-could-take-you-down vibe.


Bad Girl Ri-Ri is like the queen of nail art. She went with a more flashy style (naturally) and we’re digging it.


Queen Bey also got some nail art done to match her rock (which is basically the size of China). If this doesn’t scream I’ve-got-more-money-than-you-will-ever-have-in-your-pathetic-life then we’re not sure what does.

These are so subtle yet so quiche. Killing it.


These nails are fucking hot. As Ja’mie would say “they’re not slut but sort of semi slut.” Perf.


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