The Betches’ Guide To: Being A Late Bloomer

People tend to always use the term late bloomer with a hint of negativity, like a person is cursed if they didn’t peak in the tenth grade. Newsflash: being a late bloomer kind of rocks. While you might not have been the belle of the junior prom, hitting your stride in your twenties and beyond means you’re seen as a hot commodity when it really matters: when your relationship with the opposite sex goes beyond going to the movies together and exchanging kissy face emojis.

In a lot of cases, being a late bloomer means you’ve acquired a decent personality over the years. Without a CrestWhite smile, Garnier luscious locks and post-Proactiv clear skin at a young age, you were forced to actually be a well spoken and charismatic person to make friends, and probably developed a sense of humor to deal with awkward scenarios like waving at the cute boy that was definitely not waving at you at all. You’ve also learned to draw confidence from qualities other than being a Lauren Conrad look-alike. You developed self esteem based on your intelligence, your sense  humor, your loyalty to friends, and other admirable qualities.

In terms of dating and relationships, you’re usually more wise and less jaded. As you struggled to find the nerve to talk to the cute boy in your Chemistry class, you watched as more well-endowed friends dated boys just for the sake of it, witnessed girlfriends put up with boys that didn’t treat them right, and understood there is more to a boyfriend than someone to buy your Starbucks for you (still clutch though). You don’t have the emotional baggage of past relationships to haunt you now, but you’ve watched enough of your friends get hurt to know what you do and don’t want.

You’re also not as shallow as individuals that have grown up basing friendships and relationships off of looks. You understand from self-experience that there is more to people than their looks, and you expect people you date to have a personality as well. That’s not to say you won’t hook up with and gloat about the solid 9 that hit on your at the bar, but you know that without a sense of humor and ability to hold a conversation, he won’t be staying for the bang over bagel. Late Bloomers want a good time too.

The struggle of being a late bloomer is that once you hit your stride, you have to sit there and try not to roll your eyes at people giving you backhanded compliments proclaiming how great you look NOW and that they’d barley recognize you. Thank you for the excitement that I finally got my shit together, I know we both never thought this day would come. You feel like you’re the modern day Mia Thermopolis post Paolo makeover.


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