The Betches’ Bachelorette Guide To Dewey Beach

Planning sucks, and bachelorette parties are a ton of work. So we’re taking all the guesswork out of planning a bachelorette party by breaking down top bachelorette destinations. Our guides will tell you where to stay, eat, party, how to get around, and give you a sample itinerary that you can follow. You’re welcome.

Sick of Las Vegas or Nashville bachelorette parties? Head to Dewey Beach, Delaware—trust us! 

I know what you’re thinking: who the hell goes to DELAWARE for a bachelorette party? Listen, when it comes to Dewey Beach, if you know you know. 

There’s a saying that goes, “Dewey always wins.” Because it does.

In this beach town, anything goes and there’s something to do day and night. From lying on the beach to jam sessions and beach-front bars, don’t expect to be bored here (or sober). 

How To Get There

Sooo here’s the only downfall of Dewey Beach: Since there is no major airport in Delaware, there are no direct flights there. We recommend driving to Dewey Beach if possible, but for those out-of-state guests living more than a couple hours away, there are three additional options.

First, fly to Philadelphia, rent a car or get a friend to pick you up and drive the 2.5 hours south and east. Second option: fly to Baltimore and find a way to get the 2.5 hours north and east to Dewey Beach. (Note, taking this route involves driving over the Chesapeake Bay bridge which is scary as sh*t.)

Third option: There is a small airport in Wilmington, DE, but it’s ridiculously expensive to fly in and out of—even with a layover. Plus, it’s still a solid hour and forty-five minutes away from Dewey. 

You might as well save a little money and fly into one of the two bigger airports. 

No, Dewey Beach is not the easiest place to get to, but yes, once you’re there it’s well worth the trip.

Where To Stay

Once you enter Dewey Beach on King Charles Avenue (which arguably has some of the worst traffic like, ever), the goal should be to stay somewhere between Clayton Street and Dickinson Street. 

This section of Dewey Beach has all of the best bars, restaurants, and shops within walking distance. The last thing anyone wants to do after two (or twenty) drinks is have to walk far, so this is definitely the spot to stay.

While there are a number of hotels within this area of Dewey Beach (i.e. Beach House Dewey, Atlantic Oceanside Dewey Beach Resort, Hotel Dewey), renting out an Airbnb is the best option. Splitting the cost between guests, this will give you more room and amenities at a lower cost. Plus, most Airbnbs will have a great people-watching deck—also perfect for outside drinking and photo opps.

How To Get Around

Walk.  I repeat, walk everywhere

If you drive, you will get stuck in beach traffic. Traffic is especially bad Thursday through Friday when people are arriving, and anytime Sunday when people are packing up to go home. Literally, it will take you an hour to go five miles.

If you do need to go somewhere not in walking distance, there are plenty of Ubers and Lyfts available. Just know, you’ll probably get hit with inflated prices on the weekends. 

Biking is another good option, but unless you BYOB (bring your own bike), rentals can get pretty pricey. Also, we do not recommend blackout biking.

Where To Eat

ALWAYS get the crab. Being neighbors with Maryland, Dewey Beach has great seafood and has gotten the Old-Bay-on-everything memo.

As for where to eat, the first stop needs to be The Starboard for bloody mary brunch. This laid-back bar and grill-style restaurant has an amazing breakfast/brunch selection, without too long of a wait. They say, “It’s the place to be for breakfast 8am to 2pm”

A second breakfast-must is hands-down the Fractured Prune. These hot hand-dipped cake donuts are un-freaking-believable. The hardest part is picking out which ones you want. Highly recommend the banana pudding donut. 


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Then for lunch, Woody’s Dewey Beach Bar & Grill has some of the best crab cakes around. Although there’s usually about a 20-minute wait and no reservations, the prices are reasonable, the drinks are great, and the environment is always poppin’. 

Including Grottos Pizza, aka pizza heaven, in the plans at least once is a must. Open until 2am, this is the late night SPOT.

Other dinner favorites at Dewey Beach are Mama Maria’s Restaurant and Beach Bar and Two Seas Restaurant. There’s also Hammerheads and Sharky’s Grill & BBQ, and both have great sit-down areas, as well as take-out options.

Need hangover food? Nicks Philadelphia Cheese Steaks is the perfect post-drinking cure or after-beach carryout meal. They’re quick to make anything on the menu and, being so close to Philly, the steaks are legit. But steaks aren’t all they have. Try a hoagie, chicken platter, or seafood plate. This place does not disappoint.

Lastly, what kind of trip to the beach is complete without ice cream?  Vanderwende Farm Creamery ice cream is the best way to end any beach day or night out. The ice cream is always so fresh and is clearly made with real ingredients, so it does usually begins to melt right away. There are so many flavors offered (like birthday cake, butter pecan, banana fudge nut, black raspberry, orange pinapple, etc.), so there is something for everyone. Also, the line moves quick!


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Where To Party

When in Dewey, beach-front bars and restaurants are the move. The three major players here are The Starboard, Rusty Rudder, and Northbeach, closely followed by Bottle and Cork

Bottle and Cork hosts “jam session” Saturdays at 5pm, and they always have a bunch of locally famous bands (Go Go Gadget, Laura Lea & Tripp Fabulous and Brighton Boys). Most importantly though, when at Bottle and Cork for the first time, everyone MUST have a “Dewey Devil.” (The rule is that someone else has to buy you your first Dewey Devil.) This is an alcoholic red, slushy drink topped with whipped cream. You’ll feel it after just one.

Nalu Surf Bar is another great place to grab a drink during the day or in the evening. The drinks here range from beer to fruity drinks and other cocktails. The food is based on Pacific island fusion cuisine. With a fun, upbeat island atmosphere, this is a great place to get the party started.

Although the food here is bangin’,  Mama Maria’s Restaurant and Beach Bar is also known for its Orange Crush drinks. These are a Dewey STAPLE. You have not completed a trip here without them.

In addition to these bars, there’s an option to rent a drink-and-paddle boat, which docks at the Rusty Rudder. These rides range from an hour and a half to three hours and are BYOB. For a little more money, you can even get a paddle boat with a bathroom. However, the captain does offer the non-bathroom the option to just jump in the water to pee.

Note: At all of these places, it’s a smart move to get to know a single bartender and open a tab with them. They tend to be more generous. 

Thursday, Day 1

Pro Tip: Drinking on the beach is not permitted, but who knows what’s inside a red solo cup or water bottle…?

  1. Arrive at Airbnb or hotel
  2. Head to The Starboard for breakfast/lunch and drinks
  3. Return home, pack the cooler, and hit the beach
  4. Shower and get ready for dinner (and definitely pregame)
  5. Dinner at Woody’s Dewey Beach Bar & Grill
  6. Head to Nalu Surf Bar around 8 or 9pm.
  7. Move over to Northbeach around 11pm.

Friday, Day 2

Pro Tip: Rent-a-cops tend to lurk everywhere, so drink sneakily (but not necessarily responsibly) in public places. 

  1. Order Fractured Prune donuts and coffee for breakfast
  2. Champagne and mimosas on balcony
  3. Make drinks and lie on the beach
  4. Shower and pick up Nicks Philadelphia Cheese Steaks
  5. Rent a drink and paddle boat trip (leaves from the Rusty Rudder)
  6. When the ride is over, have dinner and drinks at the Rusty Rudder

Saturday, Day 3

Pro Tip: This is the day you should wear bachelorette matching outfits.

  1. Create your own brunch bar! The closest grocery store is Dewey Beach Market (just sells the basics)
  2. Lie on the beach
  3. Bottle & Cork Jam Session at 5pm
  4. Grab Grotto Pizza for the house
  5. Shower hour
  6. Orange Crushes at Mama Maria’s Restaurant and Beach Bar
  7. Hop around to different bars to see which has the best crowd
  8. Stumble home and crush pizza

Sunday, Day 4

Pro Tip: Create a GooglePhoto album to all upload your pictures to

  1. The Starboard for farewell brunch
  2. Don’t forget to check under the beds for forgotten items
  3. Hit the road

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