The Betches’ 2013 Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to the Betches Love This 2013 Holiday Gift Guide, otherwise known as my personal wishlist. 


*Except your boyfriend. The Head Pro will be covering that in a separate post, so keep refreshing, k?

For the exercise obsessed

A Soul Cycle gift card – Because nothing says thoughtful like saving your bestie money in her quest to be thin. Everyone wins when your entire friend group looks skinz because you know, cheerleader effect. If that's your desired goal we don't recommend buying this for the friend who's going to spend it on the skull candles. 

For the wannabe interior decorator

Diptyque candles are pretty much the HCICs when it comes to fire. Below are the ones from the holiday collection but really all their candles are great.

For the friend who hosts the pregames

In case you forgot why you went over to her apartment, these Jonathan Adler delirium coasters will serve as your to-do list.

For the #3 abroad bestie

Packed Party's I Miss You Betch Package will let your bestie know that an ocean may be between you two but you still can't forget your BFF. Plus, this is a good way to ensure she brings you back a leather jacket from the Florence market. 


For the betch who can read good

You should obviously get her our bestselling book, Nice is Just a Place in France, fucking duh.


For the one who loves #152 expensive skin shit:

S.W. Basics has amazing lip balms but their body oil actually makes your skin feel as soft as a toddler's but like, in a non-creepy way. 

For the family

Nothing says family time like gathering around the communal internet on your television. For that we have Google Chromecast. Look how cute and teeny it is. I wish it was white to match my iPad.


For the #101 makeup obsessed

On the left we have the Panasonic Heated Eyelash Curler, because using a regular eyelash curler is for poor people. On the right we have BITE beauty lipsticks, which stay on amazing and have been seen on the runway. If your friend is fugly this might also help brighten up her face. Best of all, it contains red wine resveratrol and is considered “boozy beauty.”


For the friend who just moved into a new apartment

The Big Book of Chic – For the new coffee table, because you are what you read (or pretend to read by keeping it on display in your home).


For your friend who's obsessed with our website

Get her clothes from Shameless self promotion over here.


For the friend who wants to lose 3 pounds

The 10 Day Optimal Cleanse by East West – because what betch doesn't love a good cleanse? Also, apparently J. Lo does it before all the award shows and shit. 



Obviously when it comes to shopping for yourself you're going to put in a little more of your dad's money and your own time in choosing a good gift. Who deserves it more than you?

Jonathan Adler Needlepoint Throw Pillows – These shams just speak to me. We like Jonathan Adler, can you tell?


Beats by Dre Matte Solos – Take your pick of the new matte colors. I just got these last week and they changed my life. As in people are constantly screaming and waving in my face because I literally cannot hear them. 

Simple jewelry – We are loving the understated gold look that's barely noticeable because it's so fucking elegant. Our favorites right now are Jennifer Zeuner (top row), and Dannijo's collab with Rashida Jones, Fine by Dannijones (bottom row).



Chic (but actually practical) Winterwear – This rabbit fur infinity scarf, 1717 Olive beanie, Burberry earmuffs, and Rag and Bone x Hunter boots…just to start.




Vianel Card Holders I personally can't keep track of a wallet/fit one in my bag at night sometimes. These simple leather pieces solve that problem completely.


Chanel Boy Bag – For the splurge, because you already have the other ones.


More amazing sh*t

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