The Best & Worst Dressed From The 2020 Oscars

Last night was The Oscars, and low-key to our dismay, most people actually came correct on the red carpet. There were a lot of amazing looks, but thankfully just enough missteps to give us memes to fuel us into the next awards season. And I still can’t figure out why Blac Chyna was invited to the Oscars. Maybe Kanye gave her his ticket? We may never know. In any case, here’s our best and worst dressed list from the 2020 Oscars.

Worst: Lily Aldridge

Is this a designer dress, or one of my used pads from a light flow day? Not sure if the period flower makes this otherwise blah dress more interesting to look at or worse. Also, why is Lily Aldridge at the Oscars? Maybe she snuck in with Blac Chyna?

Best: Mindy Kaling

Looked like a f*cking dream in a yellow Dolce & Gabbana dress and a diamond necklace that literally came with its own security team. Wait, wasn’t this the plot of the Ocean’s 11 remake?

Worst: Billy Porter

Drag me if you want, but I’m going to say it. This outfit is ugly. I am 100% in support of Billy Porter being extra AF and tearing down gender norms on every red carpet, but that doesn’t mean I have to enjoy all of his looks. The feathered gold top and the giant printed skirt are both beautiful on their own, but they totally clash, and not in a cool fashion power-clash kind of way. I love Billy Porter, and I  always look forward to his over-the-top looks, but this one just didn’t do it for me.

Best: Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman’s black and gold dress was absolutely gorgeous, and the only thing that made her look even better was that she embroidered her cape with the names of all the female directors who got snubbed this year. We love a feminist queen.

Worst: Idina Menzel

I already needed a nap before the night started, and this dress did not help. I feel like Idina didn’t realize she needed to be at the Oscars until the day of and bought a dress off the rack at JC Penney. She looked wayyyy better in the white gown that she wore to perform during the show, so I kind of wish she had just worn that on the carpet.

Best: Janelle Monáe

Looking like a space empress who came down to save the galaxy from Trump, Coronavirus, and climate change. Janelle Monáe is so f*cking powerful, Thanos is shaking.

Worst: Laura Dern

Laura Dern was a big winner this award season, but she can’t win every award and every red carpet. I basically thought she could do no wrong until she showed up in this lampshade/outtakes from my grandma’s curtains. Sh*t happens. But still, she made everyone cry when she talked about her parents during her acceptance speech, so I’m not mad at her.

Best: Regina King

If I ever win an Oscar, the next year I’m showing up wearing sweatpants and a beanie. Suck it, Academy, my job is done here! But instead of doing that, Regina King followed up last year’s win by winning this year’s red carpet. This Versace gown is absolutely stunning, and Regina’s arms are no joke either. I seriously can’t stop looking at this.

Worst: Olivia Colman

I love that Olivia Colman isn’t afraid to make interesting choices on the red carpet, but that doesn’t mean I have to love all the actual choices she makes. This blue Stella McCartney dress fit her like a glove, but the big shoulder gemstones look like eyes, and when paired with those armpit cutouts, I can’t stop thinking that this dress looks like Stitch. Like, from Lilo & Stitch. Tell me I’m wrong if you want, but I saw what I saw.

Best: Scarlett Johansson

This dress might not be for everyone, but hey, that’s fashion. Scarlett Johansson had two nominations this year, and she looked hot AF in this drippy jeweled dress situation. That exposed corset has her waist looking seriously snatched, and I also love that the strapless cut shows off her back tattoo. Love her or hate her, but she looks fierce.

Worst: Sandra Oh

You know on Say Yes To The Dress, when there’s a bride who can’t stop talking about how much she loves tulle? Sandra Oh was channeling that vibe last night, with poofy tulle sleeves AND a giant ring of tulle around the whole hem of her dress. It was… a lot, especially coupled with the bow on the dress. Her glam looks great, but sometimes less is more!

Best: Brie Larson

Normally, I’m not that into capes on the red carpet, but Brie Larson just looks so good in this dress. The cut of the dress is pretty simple and extremely flattering, but then the all-over sparkles bring it to the exact right level of extra. I love that she kept her hair and makeup simple, and just let the dress do all the talking. God, she’s hot.

Worst: Kristen Wiig

I can appreciate that Kristen at least wore something interesting and not just a boring white dress that you could find at the Macy’s bridal section (looking at you, Renée Zellweger), but I’m just confused why she showed up dressed as a giant lasagna.

WTF: Blac Chyna

She doesn’t even go here! She actually looked good, but I still don’t understand how Blac Chyna managed to sneak past security. I’m sad she didn’t pop up on E! to tell Ryan Seacrest to “cut the cameras, deadass,” but we can’t always get what we want.

And with that, awards season 2020 has officially come to a close. I’d like to thank the Academy, Seamless, and coffee for getting me through. Seriously though, thank god this is over. See you here in May to talk sh*t about the Met Gala looks!

Images: Jeff Kravitz, Steve Granitz / Getty Images

Dylan Hafer
Dylan Hafer
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