The Best Things to Buy During This Huge Shopbop Sale

This is not an advertisement, it's just that Shopbop has a 25% off your entire order sale, which is also known as a betch's dream. Here are a few things that piqued our interest. If anything, DEF check it out.

This Fur Vest 

If you don't buy the right one, your fur vest can make you look like a close relative of Hagrid. By Club Monaco 


Perfect for Work Blouse

Chic and not too tight, your boss will be jeal and your hot bro-worker won't stop staring. By Ulla Johnson


Soft and Expensive Sweatpants

“I paid a lot of fucking money for these, so now I can wear them outside of the 2 foot radius surrounding my couch.” Sort of like Rachel's apartment pants. By Monrow


For Crop Top Tuesday

Crop tops are still in, and thank god they're a year round type of thing. This one is cute and somewhat slutty. By Shakuhachi


Hot take on the Bootie

I'm sort of dying over this bootie. That's all. By Miista


Warm AF Parka

Could I BE wearing anymore clothes? Forrest green, gold details, fur hood, sold. By Sam.


Jennifer Zeuner! Jennifer Zeuner!

Need we remind you that Shopbop carries a shit ton of Jennifer Zeuner? Now you can get it all for a quarter of the price. By Jennifer Zeuner, duh.


Sweaters for Fall

Can't get enough sweaters, even if they're all marginally the same. Liking this one. By Addison


Distressed denim with…Plaid?

Did we mention that it's Fall? Do we like these? I think probably. By Rag & Bone


These Sunglasses

They are killing it. By Linda Farrow Luxe

Blush (and Navy) leather skirt

While yes, betches always wear black, and yes leather looks best in black, but betches also make their own rules in fashion so as long as you look hot in it, it's whatevs. By Love Leather

These Kicks

The perforated leather Vince slip ons. These have been around for a while but if you have been holding off to get them because of the price, here's your chance. By Vince


This LPD, because it's vacay season

Super open back, super little place to put your boobs…but made of silk, so it's k right? The perfect dress to wear on vacation on a night when you're tan and TGF. By Olcay Gulsen


Then again, there's always SHOPBETCHES


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