The Best New Year's Eve Movies To Watch At Home This Year

So, we all hate New Year’s Eve, yes, but there is one upside to the holiday that forces you to either freeze in sequins walking to an underwhelming party, or sit at home alone until the ball drops wondering how Ryan Seacrest got so old: There are so many classic movies about New Year’s Eve, you might not even have to keep your TV tuned onto Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. When Harry Met Sally, High School Musical, and even The Godfather Part II — the best movies about NYE spans both generations and genre, guaranteeing this list has something for you, or whoever you are cursed to count down with. So where can you stream movies about New Year’s Eve? That is where we come in — not only have we cobbled together a list of the best, we’ve also hunted down where to watch NYE movies in 2023. Check out our helpful guide below, and feel a little less alone when you watch just how much Bridget Jones also hates December 31. The best New Year’s resolution you can make this year is a resolution to watch all of the classics below! Happy 2024!

New Year’s Eve on Max

Image Credit: New Line Cinema

This is a given. The star-studded cast is giving all of the NYE vibes that we hope for every year. (Key word: hope.) If you are a Love, Actually fan and you’re all about the multiple storylines that eventually come together at the end of the movie, this one’s for you. Ever since this movie came out, I don’t think I’ve ever gone through the holidays without watching it. Watch New Year’s Eve on Max.

Bridget Jones’s Diary on Hulu

Image Credit: Universal Pictures

I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we can all relate to Bridget Jones to some degree. After her parents’ New Year’s party, she decides to keep a diary to track her New Year’s resolutions, which include losing weight, quitting smoking, and finding the man of her dreams. But shortly after, she ends up being stuck in a love triangle with her childhood acquaintance Mark Darcy and her boss Daniel Cleaver (so basically, all of us trying to stick to our own resolutions). Watch Bridget Jones’s Diary on Hulu.

About Time on Amazon Prime


How could I not include a rom-com with Rachel McAdams? For any of you that may not know this movie, the main character Tim Lake learns from his father that the men of his family have the ability to travel back in time. When Tim first tries it at a family gathering on New Year’s Eve, he decides he’ll only use it to improve his love life (if only we had the ability to do the same). While this one isn’t currently on any streaming platforms, you can rent About Time on Amazon Prime. Rent About Time on Amazon Prime.

The Godfather Part II on Amazon Prime

Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

For anyone that wants to kill time on NYE and forget the last year ever happened, this movie is over three hours long and it will definitely take your mind off everything. I’m all for classic, intense films, and the fact that this has an iconic cast with an eventful New Year’s party makes this a must-see around this time of the year. Rent The Godfather Part 2 on Amazon Prime.

When Harry Met Sally on Amazon Prime 

Image Credit: Columbia Pictures

Whenever you last watched When Harry Met Sally, it’s always time for a rewatch. Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan (aka Harry and Sally) share a car ride to New York City, and they basically have nothing in common. Throughout the movie, over a span of 12 years, Harry and Sally run into each other at the most random times, and we see their relationship grow and evolve, all leading up to a New Year’s Eve party. This one gives me all the feels. Rent When Harry Met Sally on Amazon Prime.

Sleepless In Seattle on Amazon Prime

Image Credit: TriStar Pictures

You can never have too many Meg Ryan movies, right? Anyone that loves When Harry Met Sally will also love this timeless classic rom-com. This love story is a total must-see and will definitely get you in the mood for the new year. Watch Sleepless In Seattle on Amazon Prime.

High School Musical on Disney+

Image Credit: Disney

Before you start asking questions, just remember that the beginning of this movie takes place on NYE, where Troy and Gabriella have their fateful first meeting while on vacation. I honestly look for any excuse to watch this Disney Channel classic. Whether you’re celebrating solo or in a small gathering this year, this movie is great for anyone that is looking for a singalong film to end 2020 on a positive note! Watch High School Musical on Disney+.

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