The Best Looks From 'The Bachelor' Night 1 & Where To Buy Them

If you’re someone who is reading this article, then you’re also probably someone who sacrificed THREE HOURS of your Monday night to indulge in The Bachelor premiere. If we’re being honest, it really didn’t feel like that much of a sacrifice because the whole thing was highly entertaining. Unlike past premieres, this year ABC kindly left out all of that filler bullsh*t where past Bachelors come back with their babies to give their sage advice. Thank you, ABC! What also helped is that Peter has a grade-A batch of women who had some of the best night one outfits to date. There are always one or two dresses that are so awful they give me a heat rash just by looking at them. Usually I’m screaming at my television wondering if this girl really doesn’t have any family or friends that she could have consulted over such a big decision. Fortunately, these girls made great choices and thus spared my television the verbal abuse. So here’s some of my favorite night one looks and where to get each.

1. Lauren J.’s Jumpsuit

Lauren J. is easily my best dressed of the night. She looks like a glamorous spy, and I’m into it. But not only am I into it, Peter clearly was too. He genuinely went out of his way to compliment her outfit, and we all know if a man actually comments on your outfit then it has to be good. Sadly, her jumpsuit is sold out, but I found an almost identical dupe for a lot cheaper. Now, I’ve personally never ordered from this site and it does kind of look sketchy, but it’s an amazing jumpsuits, so weigh your pros and cons carefully.

Fashion Lace Slim Long Sleeve Jumpsuit, $44

2. Hannah Ann’s Emerald Gown

Everyone’s sooo obsessed with Hannah Ann but personally, I’m a little mad at her right now. I had her slated to get the first impression rose then changed it at the last second when she started getting pesky and referred to herself in the third person. So I lost my ten bonus points over her unstable behavior—thanks for nothing Hannah Ann. Anyway, her dress was an ideal night one dress, a stunning emerald jewel color in a style that’s both sexy and classy all in one.

Alamour The Label Lena Dress, $274

3. Lexi’s Velvet Dress

This was another dress that I LOVED. It was simple yet sexy, and I respect a girl who knows her colors. The rich blue shade was was so flattering with her red hair. The dress in combo with her grand entrance of rolling up in the retro car (which I still don’t get, by the way) was the ultimate way to meet Peter.

For Love & Lemons Nadine Velvet Maxi Dress, $82

4. Tammy’s Lace Gown

I’m going to be honest, I didn’t love Tammy’s very aggressive and handsy approach. But what I did love was this dress. It is STUNNING. Like, so stunning I’d consider wearing it at my own wedding. Well, at least as one of my dress options. Also, I like the whole psycho-but-not-psycho idea of showing up night one in a white dress. Very fitting move for the girl who also felt the need to pat Peter down as soon as she met him.

Alamour The Label Gabriela Gown, $333

5. Alayah’s V-neck Dress

This girl is super cute, and I don’t think she’s getting enough attention. But that’s cool, maybe she’ll be the reason I win my bracket and you don’t. ANYWAY, I loved her dress and loved the color. I also loved that she gave Peter a note from her grandma. Ugh, long story short I just love this girl.

Alexandra’s Boutique Jessica Angel Collection 385, $450

6. Mykenna’s Ruffle Dress

This isn’t my favorite dress because I think it’s a little too casual for the occasion. Like, you’re making your limo entrance, this is your debut to #BachelorNation, this is NOT the time for a dress you could wear to a beach wedding. Then again, it’s very reminiscent of Cassie’s casual maxi and she did win, so I think I see what Mykenna was doing here. Reminder, this is the same girl who had a list saying she would in fact be on The Bachelor one day, so she clearly knows the game we’re playing.


Lulus ‘Cherish the Moment’ Ruffled Dress, $25

7. Madison’s Red Gown

Madison is a clear front runner. I mean, she’s every guy’s dream: stunning, bubbly, and good at sports. Like, really good at sports. I don’t know if Peter’s a big sports guy considering the only thing we do know about him is that he’s a pilot and seems to like dancing. Oh, and did you guys know he also f*cked in a windmill…four times? Anyway, her dress was gorgeous too.

Alexandra’s Boutique Jessica Angel Collection 758, $390

Like I said, Peter’s got himself a great group of girls. He’d be lucky to end up with any of them, so let’s just hope he doesn’t go back to Hannah. As my therapist kindly reminds me every visit, exes are exes for a reason. That one’s for you Peter.

Images: ABC/John Fleenor; @itslaurenamanda, @thebachelorabctv, @the_style_spotter (2), @tammykayly, @alayahbenavidez, @bachelorabc / Instagram; Sweetde; Alamour The Label (2); Yoox; Alexandra’s Bridal Boutique (2); Lulus

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Shannon McCormick
Shannon McCormick
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